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The initial days of motherhood are all about feeding the baby, diaper changing and sleepless nights, pretty much. It is also the time where you will gain a treasure trove of funny stories. It might not amuse you at the moment. But you will have lots of hilarious stories to tell others in the future. Here are some of those priceless funny stories to which all the moms could relate to and take comfort in knowing that there is a whole world of mommies out there to accompany you.

1. I was so tired that I forgot my son’s name.

I wanted to enrol my baby in a daycare. I took my baby to get him admitted in one of the topmost daycares in Bangalore. When filling up the admission form, the receptionist asked the name of my son. I was trying to recall and I failed. It took me an entire 5 minutes to recall his name. The receptionist couldn’t stop laughing at how tired I was.

2. Where is my baby?!

I had not slept for two subsequent nights. We were in a family gathering. There was a lot of fun and laughter all around me. But I was sitting there, idle. I realized something was not right. I looked at everyone around me and I couldn’t see my baby in anyone’s hand. All I could do at that moment was cry out LOUD: “Where is my baby?!” The little munchkin who was sleeping peacefully on my lap woke up crying. Only then did I realize that I need a nap.

3. I need coffee!

My daughter was teething and naturally, this made her cranky and fussy. So it was a rough and exhausting night for me. When she finally fell asleep, I could not sleep. I got out of bed to prepare some coffee for myself. Without giving much of a thought, I prepared the coffee and put it directly in the feeding bottle and put the lid on. After having 2 sips, I realized I was drinking coffee through the nipple of the bottle. But I was too tired to pour the coffee into a cup. So, I just took off the lid and enjoyed the coffee straight out of the feeding bottle.

4. Milk in the closet

I was very tired after having the baby and several sleepless nights. One day, I was preparing tea. I grabbed tea powder, sugar from closet and milk from the fridge. Poured all the ingredients into a teapot. Being exhausted, I put the milk in the closet and sugar and tea powder in the fridge. I didn’t realize the blunder until later that day when my hubby was searching for sugar and ended up finding it in the fridge.

5. Rewashing the laundry

No matter how tired or sleep-deprived we are, we still try to be super moms. After rejecting my hubby’s offering to do the laundry, I decided to finish it off before my baby girl wakes up. I grabbed all the clothes from the dryer, put it in the washer and turned it on. Only after the washer started did I realize I had just started a load of completely clean and dried laundry.

6. What have we done?

I remember the first day I took my baby home after the elongated stay at the hospital. I was very exhausted and so was my husband. We both wanted to put ourselves to bed at the earliest but our baby was screaming at the top of his voice. My husband looked at me with an odd expression and so did I. I understood what he wanted to say and my thoughts were exactly same as his: “My God! What have we done? What have we gotten ourselves into?” And then, there was a sudden realization, “There is no backing away. There is No. Way. Out.” We looked at each other with a comforting glance.

7. Where is the grocery?

I usually go grocery shopping alone leaving my toddler with his dad. But this time, I thought I would take him along. I finished full grocery shopping trip. Of course, keeping my toddler busy while I did my shopping was a difficult task. Once I am done with the shopping, I fastened my son to his car seat and drove away – leaving all the groceries in the cart in parking lot.

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