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7 Fruitful Things About Raising A Baby Boy

Children are little wonderful beings whose mere presence can light up anybody’s day instantly. Be it a boy or a girl, children are little bundles of joy in everybody’s lives. However, there is are certain obvious differences when it comes to raising kids- boys and girls. You might have heard people say “There’s nothing more blissful than raising a daughter” as they are seen to be more emotional and caring, they are like the peace preachers who keep the whole family together unlike the boys. As an added bonus, mommies can always unleash their girly side with their daughters.

So what! Being the mommy of a baby boy has a charm of its own. Always remember, you’re about to not just raise a boy but his entire legacy. So don’t let them put down your vibe by having preferences. You have these 7 amazing things to enjoy whilst raising your legacy:

1.His first love...YOU

A woman who has been there throughout his life- you! The first ever woman in his life- you! Women may come women may go, but you’re always going to be his number 1. Your son will learn to love you and you will be in a position to groom him into a little gentleman.

2.Me- time is back with a bang!

If you’re a woman who loves her me, having a son will just be a perfect thing for you. Since they enjoy doing things their own way, you will have ample time to ‘chill’ on your own.

3.You’re the ultimate queen

Just the way he’s the apple of your eye, you have just nothing to worry about. Remember that they will put all the other girls they like on a pedestal holding you as the highest regard. They would want to spend their entire life with a woman who’s just like you, dear mommy!

4. Sensitivity and sensibility

If you keep your expectations high when it comes to kindness and respect, that’s how your boy will pick up the traits. You must ensure that your boy treats you well with respect and kindness because that’s how he will be treating the other women in his life.

5.Safety and security

The world is a big bad place to be in and it is a hell hole for a girl. You might not be as worried as parents of a daughter would be. You know how to keep calm even if you know your son is out with his friends, late at night or even partying with them. You know they will be safe(r).

6. Once a momma’s boy...always a momma’s boy

It doesn’t matter how old he gets, he is always going to be by your side. Your eyes will always have the same joy and happiness and your heart will have the same love for him especially when he gives you those adorable bear cuddle hugs. 

7. The pride of raising a legacy

Every mommy knows the best for her child. If you have a baby boy who grows up to be loving, kind, respectful, humble and sensitive, trust me, you’re blessed! The pride will be all over your face everytime you see that little boy who you raised to be a perfect gentleman!

To all the mommies out there!! Enjoy these little pointers and watch the fantastic transformation of a young Prince into a wonderful King!

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