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7 Fashion Looks for Moms to Look FAB This Monsoon

Monsoon is at time of fun and excitement. When you were a kid, monsoon was the time of ultimate fun like paper boats, puddles, games, etc. Now your little ones are doing the same.

On the other hand, monsoon is a tough time to look most stylish with your looks. Are you facing that problem? Read on to pick 7 fashion looks that will make you look FAB this monsoon:

1. Fashionably protected


If you feel that the showers are going to be extremely strong this look is best for you. With your day’s outfit (high hemline) - you can add a pretty bright trench coat and umbrella. This can be paired with jelly shoes/sandals to finish the look.

2. Garden queen


In the monsoon time, fabrics with florals, plaid, polka dots or rainbows look absolutely amazing. If it’s the time to wear some pants (high hemline) - the best option is to pair bright floral pants with a simple toned top. In addition, if the chilly weather is also present - you can make it better with a polka dot jacket.

3. Professional chic


If your usual work wardrobe feels dull, you can use this look to brighten your office space. A bright and electric tint colour cotton or rayon top will look best. You can finish the look with either a skirt or pant (high hemline) of your choice.

4. Casual sunday


Going out for a meal maybe, but the monsoons are a downer? The perfect outfit to make you look fab is this one. A chiffon scarf with pastel hues can be added to a simple flowy dress (high hemline) that you want to wear.

5. Are you a mom?!


It’s time to show off your post pregnancy glow or reveal the beauty of your collarbones. Either a top or dress (high hemline) with mesh panels/peek-a-boo/cold shoulder/off shoulder/slit sleeves/lattice details - choice as per your comfort - will strike this fab look the best.

6. Travelling back in time


If you think the rainy season needs some ‘lightening up’ - this look is the ‘youngest’ of them all. A top or dress (high hemline) with tassels/ruffles/layers - as per your choice - will complete the ultimate boho look for you.

7. Stylishly serious


This look includes either striped or panelled high hemline culotte. You can pair this look with simple top and/or jacket as per convenience.

Did you love these 7 suggestions and want to read more? Read more at 5 Fashion Tips For Busy Moms To Glam Up Simple Outfits to continue to glam up your style quotient this monsoon! 

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