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7 Exploration Games Your Child Must Play


Childhood is a very important and wonderful time to learn and mould your children. It is the right time for imagination, creativity and independence. Games, especially exploration games, help in stimulation and positive increase in knowledge of your children.

Open spaces create a larger vision for your child. They will also get some practice on choice and direction of which way they want to go, what they want to find and how they want to find it. These games encourage your child to persevere, regulation emotions with unexpected difficulties, be confident and feel the happiness of an accomplishment. As a bonus, your child will learn how to cleaning after the game is over - inducing more responsibility. 


Explorations games also help in your child’s development of muscle strength, fine motor control, hand-eye coordination and sensory improvement. These games help in creating a stronger sense of temperature, texture, size, shape, materials, functions and usage of things around your child.

So, here are 7 of the best and must exploration games you should be asking your child to play!

1. Build The Nest


This game is mostly for the outside. Let your children get some of their hands dirty and learn what is in the nature. This could be a park, garden or the beach. The task requires your children to find all possible materials to make a nest of any kind that they are familiar with.

Before starting - you should keep a small eye on how old your children are. If they are younger than thirteen - they will require some kind of guide or instruction from your side that is specific to what they have to do. Older children, on the other hand will just need a subject or theme to do this task.

2. Make The Masterpiece


While this game seems like an outdoors one - it can be played in the place you and your children are in. This includes your home, park, beach, garden, backyard, apartment compound or pathways that are safe with your supervision.

Similar to the previous game, this game takes a little more artistic turn. In this task, your child should make some shape, instrument or sculptor they are familiar with. Getting a chance to explore what kind of environment and place they live in - anything that is available around them should be used to finish the task. Again, ensure that your child’s age matches with the instructions they get for the task.

3. Find The Junk


Very much like a treasure or easter hunt just - this game involves rocks, tree branches, leaves, flowers, any safe thing instead.

This game can be played in any season, but these things usually get washed up during the rain. So, rainy time can be fun under your supervision through the game. As per your child’s age - help them more with hints to find the treasure of rain junk or give them difficult riddles to think creatively.

4. Paint It Out


Every child has a certain special place that they like to look at. This could be in the park, beach, garden or even something that is right outside your window. Paint it our is a kind of ‘inside out’ game.

The task is to visit the place that your child just cannot stop looking at. After getting their choice and according to their age - help or ask them to paint out whatever they can remember. Along with some challenge to choose - this game also helps in revisiting your child's imagination space.

5. Many Parts To A Picture


This game is a a form of ‘idea collage’ where your child’s finding AND imagination will improve much more. Looking at your child’s age and ability to understand - help or instruct them to make some kind of picture arrangement that they are familiar with. Using magazines, junk paper, newspaper and old books that are unused - this game assists in letting your child learn even the morality of recycling!

6. Name The Sound


Name the sound is an outdoor game that requires you to again take your little one on a walk. Yet, this time - you are going to tag along with them and remain outside for sometime.

The place could be their choice i.e. the garden, park or the beach - as long as it is outside. This is because you are going to take them on a wonderful journey of identifying the sounds of various things around your child.

It could be birds, people, cars, animals, things in the nature or even machines. While this game too can be played in any season - the rainy time is a lot more fun due to the variety of species they can recognise around them. This way, a structured ecological understanding will let your child respect their biodiversity!

7. Lace The Beads


With a certain twist to hide and seek, lace the beads is an inside game. GIving your child a lace or string, see whether they require a picture for assistance or just a verbal instruction from you. Then, as per your path above - your child can be assisted with or make their own design by lacing colourful or attractive beads together!

As always, these games are very challenging and increases your child’s socio cognitive activity. Even then, some supervision from your side is required for their precaution and safety as always. With that taken care of - what are you waiting for ladies? It’s time to go out and explore with your children! 

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