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7 Essential Tips For Parents Of Toddlers

Parenting is not always easy. It’s especially challenging when you have a toddler because they’re active, energetic and most importantly, their energy levels allow them to be fussy and throw tantrums that tire you out. It might seem like you can never catch a break. Do you relate? These parenting tips can make your life as a toddler parent much simpler.

1. Set A Schedule

Considering that nap time and meals are some of the fussiest times of day for a toddler, setting a schedule from an early stage helps. Establish a wake time, a rough timing for meals, naps and other activities. Don’t be too firm with the schedule or force it initially. Try to slowly ease into this routine, so that your toddler’s body, as well as the mind, is able to settle into it.

2. Avoid Being Too Strict

You may try being strict so that you can shape your child’s behaviour to be the best behaviour you can expect from them. However, it is important to avoid being restrictive in your approach as it can only frustrate your toddler and increase their chances of throwing a temper tantrum. Toddlers enjoy some level of freedom.

3. Keep Food Simple

Healthy food is the most important during the toddler years. Include a balanced diet which includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables, proteins like eggs and dairy and healthy fats. Just ensure that you present your child with healthy food - don’t worry too much about how much they eat or don’t eat. Being restrictive or forcing your child to eat can actually do more harm than good. As long as you’re presenting all healthy options, your child will decide what to eat, and you can rest assured that it is a healthy choice.

4. Take Care Of The Teeth

A toddler’s milk teeth should be healthy as they also determine the dental health of the permanent teeth. Don’t take milk teeth for granted just because they are replaced. Start the habit of brushing teeth early so that it will carry over to their childhood. Front teeth fall out first. If you see brown patches on teeth or see that the teeth are falling out too early, speak to your doctor.

5. It’s Okay To Ignore The Tantrums Sometimes

While a toddler tantrum can point to certain problems, they are usually a call for your attention. Sometimes, it is a good idea to ignore your screaming toddler - they’ll eventually get tired or bored and stop. Click here for some tips on dealing with toddler tantrums!

6. Praise Them When They Behave Well

While it may seem like parenting your toddler is a series of toddler tantrums, remember to spend some time to see when they behave well and praise them for it. Don’t make the rewards material, but do make sure you provide your toddler simple feedback that helps them know whether they should repeat or avoid the behaviour. Here’s how you can do this.

7. Spend Time With Your Toddler

Alone time is important. Sure, your toddler may be very young, but their personality is still developing. Make sure to have quality time with just your little one - you’ll know them better and have the best influence on your child.

More than anything, remember that your love is the best influence in how you parent your toddler. Your toddler loves their independence and may seem like they’re always fighting your efforts or running and keeping you on their feet, but the truth is simply that they love you and are trying to grow up to be mom and dad.

Set a good example and your toddler will grow up to make you proud.

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