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7 Crazy Things Your Body Does While You Sleep

Lights out, eyes closed and you’re sleeping like a baby, right? Things are not actually that simple. In fact, your body does numerous things that you’re not aware of because - duh, you’re asleep. Here are a few of those strange things:

1. Paralysis

The deepest phase of your sleep is called REM which stands for rapid eye movement. During REM stages, the arms and legs muscles are temporarily paralyzed. There’s also a different kind of paralysis called sleep paralysis which occurs for a few seconds or minutes after you wake up and you’re not able to move any muscles. It can sometimes even happen before you fall asleep.

2. Explosion

Some people experience what is called as an exploding head syndrome where they hear a loud bang or crash similar to a gunshot just before they are about to fall asleep. Although technically painless, it is very frightening and will make it pretty hard for the person to fall back asleep again.

3. Growth spurt

hgH, also known as human growth hormone is essential for the overall growth and also in the regeneration of tissues. This hormone is released abundantly during sleep, especially when you are deep in sleep. This is because of different factors like low glucose levels during sleep aid in the production of this hormone. So, now you know why you need that beauty sleep!

4. Teeth grinding

That thing you do when you are really angry at someone, you do it when you are asleep too. We’re talking about teeth grinding a.k.a bruxism. It can be due to stress or a misaligned jaw and for people who do it on a regular basis, cracked teeth and sore jaw muscles are common.

5. Eye movement

A complete sleep consists of five REM cycles and you might go into the first REM cycle after an hour or hour and a half after you fall asleep. During REM sleep, your eyes quickly move back and forth. Although you can’t remember your eyes moving, it happens.

6. Kidneys slow down

Kidneys are the filters our body needs in order to flush out the toxins via urine. While you are sleeping your kidneys don’t function as much as they do while you are awake and active. This is why you don’t pee as much while you are in deep sleep but the second you wake up, nature calls.

7. Sleep talking and walking

And of course, there’s the classic sleep talking and walking that many people do. You can either spill out truths that you’ve been holding in or just random facts that make no sense. Some people are known to even sleepwalk out of the bedroom and out of the house too! 

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