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Sex is such a taboo topic that most people tend to hang onto every piece of information they get about it without paying a second thought as to whether it may be wrong. This is why sex paved the way to so many myths but we’re here to bust them. You can call us Mythbusters (really, we insist) and then maybe you’ll change the way you view this ‘sacred act’.

1. No virginity = No hymen

The hymen is actually an elastic membrane ring, it is not a barrier that protects the vaginal opening. The first time you have sex, it might tear or it might not. It also repairs itself. So you don’t actually ‘lose’ your hymen when you have sex.

The other way is true too. Just because you’re a virgin it doesn’t mean that your hymen is intact. Some girls don’t have a hymen at all and some might tear them while exercising or so on. A lot of athletes go through this.

2. Sex with your soulmate will be explosive

Let’s just blame it on the movies and books that fill our head with these ridiculous fantasies. When you meet the one and decide to get intimate with him, you can’t help but think about the fireworks and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s also important for you to tell yourself to not be down if you don’t get what you expected. 

Your partner’s human too and it’s human nature to make mistakes and learn from them. There are going to be times when sex is mindblowing and times when it’s just so-so. However it may be, it’s not a factor on which you can judge whether you’re with the person you are supposed to spend a lifetime with.

3. No dry orgasms

A tell-tale sign of male orgasm is ejaculation, right? Well, you’re not exactly wrong but you’re not right on the dot either. A man can have an orgasm and not have a physical release as an evidence to it, a.k.a dry orgasm. So next time you’re intimate with your man, don’t judge his satisfaction based on the ‘fluid’ part of the climax. If you think about it - it’s all the fun and no mess, the best kind of sex.

4. Pregnancy sex will hurt the baby

A lot of women and men believe that having intercourse during pregnancy can hurt the baby. The baby is safe and secure in an amniotic sac. No matter how big the penis is, it’s not long enough to surpass the cervix and “poke” the baby.

So don’t worry about the baby getting hurt when you’re getting physical during pregnancy. In fact, pregnancy sex is good; In your second trimester your hormones will go crazy and might actually make you crave sex.

5. There will be blood

It seems that the ‘first time’ is hyped up so much that people will believe anything and everything others say about it. It will be uncomfortable of course but it doesn’t mean that you will bleed for sure. With the right kind of foreplay and lubrication, there will be no bleeding at all or just a spot of blood. It changes from one person to the next so it’s not advisable to go put yourself in other people’s shoes and envision the first time.

6. Oral sex is safe sex

Sexually transmitted diseases are not something that is transmitted just through intercourse. Giving and receiving oral sex can also lead to STDs. So if you’re not sure, don’t get down to oral sex. You have a lesser chance of contracting an STD while your partner is wearing a condom than by oral sex.

7. Any greasy thing is a substitute for lubricant

When you need that extra help to make things easier don’t just grab a vaseline. You’d think, why not right? It’s oily and greasy and will work out great since it’s something you can put on your skin. But remember that it’s not something to put inside your body. It can cause yeast infections and even break down condoms.

It’s better to go for a lubricant made especially for this purpose than to use oils or vaseline. 

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