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7 Confessions From Moms: Biggest Fears About Getting Pregnant

When a woman is expecting a baby, the feelings of the fear of pregnancy and the joy of motherhood go hand in hand. It is okay to be scared even when you are happy with the thought of the little guest arriving. Here are some fears you would totally relate to if you are going to be a mother soon. Decide whether to laugh or cry.

1. Oh my body!

Most of the changes during pregnancy are experienced by the body. You tend to put on weight and loads of it (you cannot help it). Your skin stretches to a limit you never thought it could and you know for sure that you’ll end up with stretch marks and saggy skin. We need not even have to mention the hair fall and breakouts after giving birth.

2. Will I be able to survive the pain?

Everyone knows how painful childbirth is. Whether it be vaginal or C-section, the pain is excruciating. However joyful motherhood may be, even the thought of childbirth gives shudders to a woman who is soon going to go through this. We feel ya ladies!

3. What about my baby’s health?

To a mother, her child’s health is the most important thing in the world.Pregnancy being a complicated and hard phase, one cannot stop worrying about the health of the baby in the womb. The lifestyle of the mother directly affects the baby and so the mother is always scared of doing things and thinks about fifty times before doing or eating something.

4. Am I taking too much stress?

All this over thinking and the changes to cope with invite stress and the idea of stress is even more stressful.

5. The fear of miscarriage

Most miscarriages happen in the first semester and the thought itself is scary enough for any expecting mother. Who would be able to bear the pain after all? Most of the first trimester for most of the mothers passes in this very fear.

6. How embarrassing would it be?

The actual process of childbirth is painful and embarrassing too. The thought of laying there in pain with your legs wide open before a bunch of people staring right at your vagina could make anyone flush and cringe.

7. Am I going to be a good mother?

Every mother wants to give the best to her child and you are not alone in worrying about whether you’d be able to play the role of a good mother. All this anxiety is normal. Though, time teaches everything and every mother becomes the best mother for her precious little baby.

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