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7 Confessions By Pregnant Women About Sex

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Glowing skin, mood swings, beautiful bellies, morning sickness, food cravings- all the things that pop up in someone’s mind when they see a pregnant woman. Ironically,  the last spot is reserved for the thing that got her pregnant in the first place- Sex!

Not much is known about the libido filled rendezvous of pregnant women.  Experiences of different women can vary but they usually boil down to these four situations:

Do you and your partner both love it?

Do you both hate it?

Do you love it but he is apprehensive?

Does he find you irresistible? Would rather not be touched, though?

Whichever the situation, we have some confessions here that will help you get an insight into the sex lives of fellow child bearers. Whether you’ve experienced pregnancy sex to be the best you ever had or could not stand the thought of it between vomiting and fatigue, we are sure at least one confession here will hit close to home and make you think “I am not the only one!”

Read on:

1. Playing for the other team?

“....Ever since I have gotten pregnant my sex drive is so high, but seeing nude women is the only thing that turns me on lately...”

2. Can you not?

“...My husband bought me a vibrator as he thought it would make me more sexual towards him. No, it just made him unnecessary….”

3. Too (tired) to Tango

“….The only reason we did not have as much sex during my pregnancy as before I became pregnant was because I was so tired. My number one symptom was fatigue, and it was brutal. I never knew that was a symptom of pregnancy!....”

4. Going back in time

“.....When I was pregnant, my husband and I wanted to be daring. So we drove to the park and made out in his car! We felt like teenagers and made me feel very sexy! It was a very nice experience….”

5. Daddy (not) cool

“.....My husband refused to have sex with me during pregnancy. I initiated but was always deflected, he was just too weirded out about it. It hurt my ego. I loved being pregnant, but our sex life was non-existent for a year….”

6. Bingo!

“....In my third pregnancy — particularly in the second trimester — I had a very high libido. I thought about sex constantly and had 1-2 orgasms most days!...”

7. Sexy and you know it:

“....I felt so sexy and womanly during pregnancy! I could not keep my hands off my husband, especially at the end. It took a while to get that feeling back after baby, but 10 months later things are as good as they've ever been….”

Hope these stories of different experiences shared by expecting moms are relatable to you. Have any confessions of your own? Do let us know! Happy pregnancy!

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