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7 Cancer-Causing Snacks You Should Avoid Giving Your Child

Popular snacks that your little one seems to enjoy are more dangerous than one would think. These snacks might be attractive for the eyes with lots of colour and comical packaging that drives kids towards them but they contain more chemicals and preservatives than what is considered healthy. Here are 10 such snacks that your children should not be eating: 

1. Cheetos

By now, you must already know that any sort of packaged chips are not good for your kid’s health. One shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking Cheetos to be better than potato chips just because they’re not made out of potatoes. These cheesy snacks are super high in sodium and saturated fats. The bright orange colour that you see is made from petroleum. Such dyes are known to cause serious health effects like cancer, hyperactivity and allergic reactions.

2. Microwave popcorn

Most people consider popcorn to be one of the healthier foods because it is made out of corn and it doesn’t need oil to be cooked. But a few brands of ready-to-make popcorn available in the market have diacetyl and propyl gallate which can cause lung diseases and skin problems. The packets that popcorn come in also contain a toxin called PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) which is linked to development of different types of cancer.

3. Potato chips

Packaged potato chips are full of salt, fat and preservatives. When consumed in small amounts, these might not do that much harm but the serving sizes for most of these chips contains as many calories as one would obtain from a complete meal. Apart from this, the high temperature that is used for frying these chips could release a carcinogenic(cancer-causing agent) called acrylamide.

4. Cool drinks

Maybe it’s a hot, summer day or your little one is just thirsty - Instead of reaching for a glass of water, they tend to get their hands on something sweet, bubbly and addictive. With regular consumptions of drinks like coke, Pepsi, Fanta, sprite and so on, it could cause tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. A few studies even link these drinks to pancreatic, colon and rectal cancer.

5. Flavoured milk

One would think that milkshakes or flavoured milk would be nothing but beneficial but unfortunately, because of the high sugar content in them, it could induce heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Nothing beats a plain old glass of milk.

6. Bread

White bread is made out of refined flour which is a processed ingredient that gets its white colour because of excessive bleaching. This is known to reduce your child’s metabolism which in turn will increase their weight. It also increases blood sugar levels that could lead to inflammatory diseases. Because of all such health issues, the chances of cancer also increases. 

7. Sugary cereals

Breakfast cereals are all the trend at the moment. From fruit flavoured ones to chocolate ones, there are so many things to choose from. A few of these cereals are high in artificial sweeteners and colours, trans fat and genetically modified ingredients which pose a serious threat to any child’s health.

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