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7 Best Ways To Treat Yeast Diaper Rash

A world without baby diapers is a nightmare! Imagine all the popping sessions would happen everywhere and you’ll have to clean it every time. Hence, diapers are like a precious little gift of humans creation.

No matter which kind of diaper you use on your baby, you will find redness and other rashes on their bummies. It is so bad that it will keep your baby irritated and awake nights together. It is really disheartening to see your baby suffering so much.

Yeast rashes are the nastiest of the rashes. They are caused due to a bacteria called Candida. 

What causes yeast rashes?

If your baby is 4-15 months old, you’ll be dealing with few cases of diaper rashes. Since rashes thrive in moist zones of the body, the private and the concealed parts become susceptible to rashes.

What causes these rashes?

-If the diaper isn’t clean and dry

-Antibiotics passing in through breastmilk.

-Baby has chronic diarrhea

-Accumulation of ammonia in the urine

-Lack of ventilation through the diaper

How to cure them?

If you happen to see bright red rash or blisters filled with pus or large bumps that are itchy. Note if your baby is fussy while you’re cleaning him. Here are 5 Ways to treat rashes:

1. Hygiene

The most important plan of action is maintaining your baby’s nappies clean. If you’re using cloth diapers, wash that area gently and use a clean cloth every time you wipe. Allow it to dry out before changing into another nappy.

2. Free the bummy

Let your baby enjoy some naked time! Put your baby on a soft clean cloth every day for some time, so that the sweat dies off. You can wipe the area and powered down there too.

3. Absorbent diapers

Buy diapers that have more absorbing capacity. This will keep your little one’s bottoms happy and rash free. It keeps the area dry.

4. Diaper rash cream

There are plenty over the counter diaper rash creams and you can apply on the affected area. They give a quick relief from all that itching.

5. Use water wipes

They are mostly composed of natural element~ water, which is good for the skin. They cleanse the skin and upon proper airing to the infected area, it can easily cure those rashes.

6. Coconut oil

This is very mom’s secret weapon against rashes. It is told from generation to generation. It softens the infected skin and hastens the healing process.

7.Talk to a doctor

A doctor will be in the best position to advise you how to go about helping your baby. The doctor might prescribe specific creams that should curb down the itchiness. 

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