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7 Awesome Benefits Of Stories For Your Kids

Story time is always interesting for your little one. They can be told in so many ways, and they entertain kids without fail. And kids love being told stories. They form an important part of your little one’s childhood. Your childhood too might have been filled with story time. Whether it was your grandparents or your parents, story time is an important part of a child’s daily routine. 

Bedtime stories, for example, are a great way to put your little one to sleep on a good note. Other than bedtime, telling your child stories is by itself, a great way to spend time with them. Storytelling helps you keep your child entertained, but it has greater benefits than just entertainment and bedtime. Here are some great reasons why you should tell your little one lots of stories:

1. Improves Language and Vocabulary


Telling your child stories while reading them out from a book can make a huge difference to your child’s knowledge of words. They’ll hear new words and try to learn their meaning or ask you about them. They’ll eventually even learn to understand new words based on how they are used in the story. Allow your child’s language and vocabulary to grow, as it can help them express themselves better and give them confidence.

2. Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is the ability of your child to understand and handle their emotions well, as well as understand and react to others emotions appropriately. Hearing stories allows children to put themselves in the characters’ shoes. It helps them feel different emotions, understand others’ emotions as well as react accordingly. Your child becomes a kinder human being, one who is more capable in social and emotional situations.

3. Imagination

A story is a great way to let your child imagine things, because they will begin to think of how things in the story happen or look, and each kid does this in their unique ways. Visualising things is important as it improves your child’s creativity, abstract thinking and problem-solving abilities. Your storytelling might give rise to their artistic skills!

4. Listening Skills


Listening is an art. It helps your child make friends, do well at school, and learn more. It is also a rare skill. Telling your child stories helps them learn to listen better, and in the long run, this can really pay off.

5. Curiosity

Kids are curious and stories bring out this curiosity in them. Telling children stories can boost their spirit of curiosity as they will ask questions as you narrate. Although they interrupt you to ask questions, allow them to do so, because asking questions helps your kid learn more. Questioning things is a skill your child must have, so try to answer and encourage them.

6. Learning About Culture

Stories, whether they are moral stories or old tales, or even memories from grandma’s and grandpa’s childhood, allow children to look into the culture that they come from. Grandparents may tell kids stories about how the times used to be, as well as teach kids values through these stories. History lessons may be boring, but when they’re narrated as stories, they become very interesting to your kids.

7. A Great Way To Bond


Lastly, story time is a great way for you to bond with your little one. What your child really loves is when you tuck them into bed at night, or take a few minutes a day to spend quality time with your friends. A story a day can become a ritual for you and your little one. They’ll look forward to story time, as it is interesting as well as an opportunity to bond with mom and dad. It also gives you an opportunity to teach them life skills in a simple way considering the limited time you may have on your busy schedule.

What Stories Can I Tell My Kids?

Here are some interesting story topics:

- Stories about Nature: You can make up a story about Mr. Flower (the flower in your garden) or you can look for stories that center around animals. They allow kids to respect more than just human life, and give value to the plants and animals around them.

- Stories About You: Stories from your life help your child feel closer to you. Tell them the funnier or happier stories, or about you at their age. It helps them relate to you better.


- Moral Stories: These are simple, short stories, but they really help your kids understand right and wrong. It helps them become good human beings as they grow.

So story time may feel like just some fun with your kids, but it is actually very valuable for them. As they grow, they will begin to experience the benefits of your story sessions. And it will be the time they spend with you and the grandparents during story time that will be a part of their fondest memories!

What’s your little one’s favourite story called? Let us know in the comments so other moms can tell these stories to their kids too!

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