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7 Amazing Changes During Your Second Trimester You Need To Know

They say second trimester can be a bittersweet experience because your body finally begins to change to accommodate that little bundle of joy in your womb. A lot of women might think of their second trimester as the best phase of pregnancy, but what’s good for one woman might not be good for the other. You could say, it’s a subjective experience.

The second trimester is the time in which your major milestones of pregnancy are achieved! It starts from the 14th week all the way up to the 27th week. This is the time when your baby bump begins to grow and the pregnancy glow kicks in. Your baby is growing very well during this phase but you’ll know about its growth only after you see a doctor.

There are a lot of ups and downs experienced during the second trimester. Here are few positive relatable things that happen during your second trimester:

1.Adios morning sickness

It is every pregnant woman’s biggest complaint apart from all that weight gain and tiredness. Although it is not possible to predict which woman will not experience morning sickness and which one might, you can just hope that you’re not one of them who will have to deal with morning sickness.

2.Feel your baby move

If you’re lucky, you might be able to feel your baby move as early as 13 weeks. These first few movements will feel like there are butterflies in your tummy. By your 20th week, you’ll feel him move in your womb and you might be able to feel your baby’s kicks. “ ALL IS WELL!!” chant these words while rubbing your bump to feel the magic.

3.The pregnancy glow

There’s nothing better than seeing a pregnant woman shine brighter than a diamond. Thank God for the hormones, they are divine things which enhance the skin and hair quality and makes them glow.

4.Bigger boobies

Pregnancy increases the size of your breasts to help you feel your little one comfortably. You might increase 2-3 cups but for some women, it increases by inches! Tank tops and maternity bras are the best to deal with big breasts.

5.Suddenly you feel energetic

Some women feel super energetic during their second trimester. During their 14th week, they might feel less tired and dizzy. They might even begin eating food items which they couldn’t eat during their first trimester. Moreover, they might be able to sleep better at night due to some stability.

6. You being embracing your body

By the 16th week, you’re likely to start wearing maternity clothes due to your expanding waistline and widening of hips. By the 27th week, you would have gained about 7-9 kg. You’ll fall in love with the shape of you!

7.Increased sex drive

By the time you hit the 5th month, you’ll realize that you feel sexually high. This happens due to the production of estrogen in your body overrides. In one day, there will be as many ovaries produced in 3 years of a non-pregnant woman.

Moreover, nausea and fatigue get wiped out, so you feel more aroused during this time. Oh, and you might also be able to experience multiple orgasms during pregnancy. 

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