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7 Best Bakers You Must Try In Bangalore

Have you been going bonkers to get the right Birthday Cake for your kid? Sweating it to figure out how to get that perfect combination of taste and appeal? Birthdays are the testing time when parents need to stand up to high expectations. So, take a note of these Bakers as they are going to help you make the birthday party unforgettable!

1. Calvins

You might have come across and probably tasted some delectable dessert at one of their many outlets in Bangalore. There is much more to your lovable baker, you could ask them for a customized cake that suits your party theme . You will be delighted by their execution and finesse. They are pros at visual appeal and taste.

2. Cakewalk

Cakewalk is the hidden gem of the desert land. Cakewalk in a word is just ‘DELICIOUS’. Do not settle with serving your tiny guests, try treating them to some colourful macaroons and cupcakes. You are sure to have a “sweet” time at their outlet in Koramangala.

3. Bake Smart

The intricacy of their design is going to leave you speechless. You might have never come across such detailing on cakes. Bake smart has a range of designs and flavours to chose from so mix and match until you create your perfect cake . You can visit them if you are close to Richmond Town.

4. Arbuee

They give your kid his dream cake. Master at fondue work, Arbuee located in Vyalikaval, animate the cake with cute little caricatures and various other elements. You better be prepared to handle kids fighting over different elements they want to grab and eat. Arubee is sure to be your kids favourite.

5. Chef Bakers

Chef Bakers are located in Siddhapur. These people are cake artists. Chef Bakers craft the most beautiful cakes with finesse . They have a range of flavours to chose from. Extremely professional, you are are sure get your piece of art on time. Chef Bakers are going to make sure that you lovely cakes are grabbing attention.

6. Just Bake

An irresistible piece of cake demands exact proportions of ingredients and perfectly timed steps that make baking seem almost like science class. Just bake aims not only at satisfying your sweet tooth but also to make visually delightful and the smoothest, lightest, fluffiest desserts on the planet. When you sink your teeth into one of their wonderful cakes, you will definitely be transported to another world where delicious pastry and silky cream combine to melt in your mouth like magic. And the best part is they have outlets spread across Bangalore.

7. French Loaf

From puffs, pastries, mousses, éclairs, sandwiches and breads, to cookies, crumbles, pies and more, The French Loaf has something that will please everyone's palate. So come on in, and experience a little slice of heaven! The French Loaf has set a benchmark for bakers across the country. Drop by at their Koramangala outlet and taste their scrumptious desserts.

So, if you need a cake for your anniversary, kid's birthday or even just a random craving, get in touch with the best bakeries in Bangalore! Have a go at our specially curated list, right here.

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