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7 Things A First Time Mommy Must Do

Becoming a mommy is one of the most wonderful experiences in a lifetime. All great things come with a bunch of perks and a feeling of being in hot boiling soup. Pregnancy honestly is a bittersweet experience for women who have become mommies for the very first time. Motherhood is like an uphill battle except the fact that you’re walking up the hill.

You’ll have to watch out for so many things and you’ll only get better with an experience. If you’re a mommy for the very first time and you’re able to look out for the house, husband and the baby, you’re already a LEGEND in the mommy universe!

Here are 7 important things mommies must do to be a legendary mommy:

1. Get help

Don’t even think twice before approaching somebody from the family for help. Since most of your time goes down in nursing the baby and the chores are left undone, you can ask anybody from the house to help you out! Never forget, seeking help from your family especially at this time is your right!

2.Stop criticising yourself

You bid goodbye to your ‘perfect body’ and never forget that you’re blessed with something more wonderful now! A baby in your arms looks better than those Levis jeans in your favorite store. Don’t even compare yourself to the celeb mommies on the tv or internet because you have different lives to lead on. You’re one in a million and you must take pride in being yourself.

3.Breastfeeding might make you cry

If you’re nursing your baby for the first time, you have no idea how to hold him to get the perfect latching position. So when the baby begins to suckle, your nipples will get sore and they will be sensitive and painful.

The worst part would be- not being able to produce enough breastmilk for your baby to suck and then the misery of silent cries as you have to watch your baby feed with a bottle.

4. The freaky routine

There’s no use in pre-planning things for the day as you’ll just not be in the position to achieve your tasks. Apart uncountable hours of lost sleep you end up sleeping all day which means mid-night munchies will just get you fat!

5. Unnecessary visits to the doctor

Your baby is brand new into the world and it takes some time for him to adapt to the changes in the environment. A slight change in the temperature is enough to give him a flu, seeing green poop might freak you out (yes, it is completely normal), burping like the good ol’ lad or even just not poop for days together. Before your common sense could guide you through this patch of worry, you’ll find yourself glaring at the doctor’s face as she checks on your baby.

6. Gear up for the embarrassment

If your baby begins howling out of nowhere in the middle of a movie in the theatre or in a restaurant, you’ll see a lot of eyes murdering you for causing disturbance. But it’s alright since the baby is just new to all the things around him.

7.Relax and take it easy

Patience is all it takes to be a wonderful mommy. Your baby will learn but slowly. You being furious and conscious all the time will only drain your energy. Keep away that dirty laundry or just get help whenever you need. Your rest and wellbeing is of a lot of importance right now. Only if you’re okay your baby will be okay! 

There’s nothing like a perfect mommy, it just takes a ton of experience and endurance to be the very best. All the best with the responsibility, we hope you raise a legend.  

Happy mommy-ing! :D

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