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6 Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work

Who doesn’t want to shed a few pounds now and then? And any sane person would start with diet and exercise. But it’s not that simple after all; There are many weird tricks and tips that will come in handy on a weight loss journey. These might seem strange at first, but hey, they’re not stupid if they work, right?

1. Have a mirror in the dining room

Nothing works better than a little self reflection. Literally. Have a mirror installed in the dining room or wherever you eat often. A study done with participants eating infront of the mirror noticed that they ate 33% less than what they usually eat. So, what do you think, is this trick worth a shot?

2. Take a photo of your food

You know those annoying people who take a picture of their food before eating, well, you’re going to have to be one of them. This will actually give you a moment to think before you devour your food completely. Do this on a regular basis and see if it works. Let us know in the comment section.

3. Everything in a packet goes on a plate

Binge eating is mostly out of packaged items - like chocolates, chips and so on. When you take these things out of their packets and pour them onto the plate is when you realize just how much of it you’re eating. You can keep a cup or a plate for measurement and when whatever you’re eating exceeds this cup, don’t eat them. Store it away.

4. Vanilla to the rescue

A lot of people are used to eating something sweet after having lunch or dinner. If you’re one of them, then you might want to consider lighting a vanilla scented candle after devouring your meals. A study conducted on 150 volunteers proved that on a average each of them lost around 4.5 pounds after using this trick.

5. Also apple and peppermint

Will you believe us if we tell you that just by sniffing certain things like apples, peppermints and bananas will help you lose around 30 pounds? You better believe it, because it’s true! Studies show that just smelling foods will trick your brain into thinking that you’re consuming these foods when you’re actually not. This is a must-try hack.

6. Blues

Take a minute and think about the last minute you saw a fast-food chain decorated in blue. Can’t think of any? There’s good reason for that. According to science, blue makes food look less appealing to us. Whereas red, yellow and orange do the opposite. So, decorate the dining table with blue tablecloth and maybe even paint the walls of the dining area blue. 


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