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6 Ways To REDUCE Breast Size Naturally

The breast is made up of hormone receptors, adipose tissue, and glandular tissue. While the adipose tissue fills the breast, the glandular tissue is the one that is responsible for the milk. The hormonal change can increase the size of a woman’s breast over time. The size of a breast keeps varying throughout the life of a woman owing to different factors such as obesity, genetics, pregnancy, and medication. Women with larger breasts can face a host of discomforts including neck pain and back pain, not to forget the public humiliation and mockery. Here is a laundry list of home remedies that can help to reduce the size of the breasts.


A robust exercise regime can shed the fat cells beneath the breast, strengthen the muscles and reduce the size of the breasts. Since breast contains fats, high-intensity cardio and aerobic exercises can enhance metabolism and shed fat. Strength training exercise such as push-ups can also work wonders to tone up the breast size. A work-out schedule of half an hour for at least four times a week can pay rich dividends towards reducing the breast size of a woman.


Diet plays a major role in deciding the shape of the breast and the overall appearance. A balanced diet comprising of fresh fruits, green and leafy vegetables, lean meats, sea fish not only helps the body consume fewer calories but makes sure that the excess adipose tissue does not get accumulated underneath the breast and make it look larger.


Ginger goes a long way to stimulate metabolism and also helps to burn the excess fat beneath the breasts. Ginger can either be taken directly, eaten with curry or mixed with tea. Owing to its bitter nature, it can be mixed with natural honey and consumed twice in a day. Regular consumption of ginger can greatly boost weight loss and helps to achieve the desired breast shape.

Omega-3 Fatty acid

Certain fatty acids such as the omega-3 fatty acid can enhance brain function, regulate hormone, lower blood pressure. All these play a pivotal role in reducing the breast size to a considerable extent. Since our body does not produce certain nutrients such omega-3 fatty acid, it needs to be extracted only from food items. Food items such as flaxseed, tuna fish, and salmon fish are not only rich in some essential nutrients but also help the body regulate the estrogen level, thereby decreasing the breast size.

Egg white

Applying egg white to the breast skin can help to restore the elasticity of the breast, thereby suppressing it to a considerable extent. Two egg whites should be beaten and mixed till it forms a white foam. This mask should be applied to the breast skin and left for 25-30 minutes. Once the mask begins to dry, the skin tends to firm and pull inward. The mask should be washed off with lukewarm water. Although this is a temporary solution, regular application of egg white mask can help to reduce the breast size.


Proper clothing can help a woman to have a proper appearance of the breast. It is advised not to wear very tight-fitting clothes or very loose ones. It makes sense to invest in a properly fitted bra that helps the breast with proper coverage and support.

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