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6 Ways To Protect Your Baby From Mosquito Bites This Monsoon

Remember that day when you were sitting by the window while sipping a hot cup of coffee/ munching on some hot pakoras as you read you looked outside the window. There was freshness in the air and the aroma of soil as it rained helped you make peace with your mind and soul. Amidst that peace, you heard that unnecessary buzzing sound which annoyed you and that’s when you realized that your baby is at potential risk due to the mosquitoes.

This monsoon, your baby needs you to protect her from all those icky pesky mosquitos and small insects. Those pests can do so much harm to your little one...that you don’t even want to imagine!

They say prevention is better than cure. So, this monsoon, prevent mosquitoes from harming your little boo bear with these 6 mom’s favourite ways:

1.Give That Touchie A Wash

Bathing your baby is the most important thing to do especially during the time when it gets humid. The weather can cause a lot of sweat, allergies, fungal infection and rashes. To avoid these from happening to your child, you need to bathe your baby with soap once every day.

To lock the moisture, gently massage your baby’s limbs with some baby lotion. Don’t forget to wash and wipe every crease that appears on your baby’s body. Make sure you wash the armpits, thighs, genital area and the neck region.

Did you know?

Adding a few drops of neem oil in your baby’s bath will help in making a protective layer on your baby’s skin.

2.Use Appropriate Clothing

Nobody likes wearing tight and rough clothing during the rainy season. It is extremely annoying even for you, so dressing your baby in those clothes isn’t the best of the ideas.

Use clothes made up of cotton which is light in colour. This is because you need to let your child’s skin breathe and moreover, mosquitoes are attracted by dark colours. Dress those little ones in cute onesies and bodysuits. Just ensure you cover the tummy while dressing your baby.

3.Shut The Doors And Windows

Keep all your ventilation outlets shut or at least get them covered by a net so that the mosquitoes cannot penetrate through the net into your home.

Since mosquito bites could occur at any time of the day, it is advisable to keep the doors and windows shut. Switch on Good knight Activ+, the dual power mode ensures you are at ease even when the mosquitos are trying to barge into your precious home.

4.Choose A Mosquito Repelling Fragrance For Your Home

You don’t necessarily have to splurge on expensive air fresheners. You can buy fragrant incense sticks and essential oils for your home which will also act like air fresheners! Choose strong scents like lemongrass, eucalyptus, citronella, neem, cedar and lavender. On the other hand, aqua and fruity smelling fragrances tend to attract mosquitoes! So, choose wisely! Click here to know more about the natural mosquito repellents.

5.Cover Your Trash Can!

Mosquitoes love dirt and muck. So, your dustbin makes a perfect living habitat for the survival of these flying monsters. Therefore you need to ensure that you keep the trash can shut tight. Make it a habit to sort your wet waste (kitchen waste like vegetable peels) and dry waste (plastic, papers, etc). Keep your bin in places that have good ventilation.

6.Eat and Feed Fresh

Typhoid commonly spreads during monsoon season. You need to ensure that your child isn’t around contaminated water or consuming contaminated water. See to it that your child has been consuming home cooked hot food.

Hygiene has to be maintained throughout so that there isn’t even the smallest chance of infection!

How do I protect my baby when we’re outdoors?

Sometimes just loose clothing isn’t sufficient. You need something extra to ensure that your baby is safe from mosquitoes.

All you need is 4 dots of Good knight Fabric Roll-on to keep the mosquitoes at bay. It is 100% natural as it contains the natural essence of precious oils like eucalyptus and citronella which have mosquito repelling properties.

It will repel the mosquitoes within a snap of a finger. You just have to apply 4 dots of this wonder repellent on your baby’s clothes, the baby’s stroller and other places so that there is a 360-degree protection from all kinds of dangerous mosquitoes.

It forms an invisible layer of protection around your baby hence protecting them from the mosquitos for 8 hours non-stop.

You could also opt for Good knight Patches which are available for little ones. It is crafted with special oils and has a great effect in repelling mosquitoes.

It provides an 8-hour protection against dangerous mosquitoes such as the ones which spread diseases like malaria, chikungunya and dengue.

To use this all you need to do is open the pack and take 2 patches out. Stick one on the upper body and one on the lower body of your baby.

You could use more than 2 patches depending on the mosquito infestation in the area.

Keep your little one safe from the wrath of these mosquitoes. Have a happy and a safe monsoon!

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