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6 Ways To Increase Weight In Children

Being overweight is not the only weight issue children face with; A lot of children are underweight and as a result, face many health consequences. If you’re a worried parent of a child who would do good by adding a few more kgs, then you’re at the right place. Here are a few ways you can make sure your little boy/girl is healthy and in the right weight range.

1. Find out the problem

Before you stuff your child’s mouth with every edible thing in the house, find out why s/he is underweight. It could be because they’re not eating enough (most kids are picky eaters) but it could also be because of a medical problem such as an overactive thyroid gland. If your child is having prescribed medications every day, then ask your doctor if s/he is losing appetite as a side-effect of them. Cross out each and every possibility and then come to a conclusion. 

2. Number of times is just as important

If your child is not eating all of her food at once then instead of forcing it on her, ask her to eat it again an hour later. Feed your child throughout the day rather than just during the designed mealtimes. Don’t forget to ask her if she’s hungry because when they are playing they often tend to ignore their stomachs.

3. Be a good role-model

Children often tend to imitate what their parents do. Even if you don’t want to put on any extra weight, try eating fruits, veggies, and other nutrient-rich foods throughout the day and offer it to them while you are eating. The chances of them accepting the food are drastically higher.

4. Exercise

Now, we know what you’re thinking - Doesn’t exercise help lose weight rather than gain weight? Light exercise, when paired with good food, will actually help in muscle building and increase your child’s weight. When your child exercises, his appetite naturally increases and he’ll lean towards having more food.

5. The right food

Just because you want your child to become heavier, it doesn’t mean that you have to give him all the junk food. Make sure he puts on weight in a healthy way by providing protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. Burgers, pizzas, chocolates are a big no-no, apart from the occasional binge.

6. Water is good but there are better things

Kids who drink a lot of water fill up their tummies not leaving any space for food, which suppresses their hunger. When your child is thirsty offer him milk, milkshakes or nutrient supplements that will help him in putting on weight.

A lot of mothers swear that a glass of milk and an omelet and a banana a day helped increase their child’s weight in no time. Are you going to give it a shot?  

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