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6 Ways To Find Out If Your Child Has An Ear Infection

At the age of 6-24 months, your child is prone to acute ear infections. It is quite normal for your child's ear to be infected at one point or the other. Even though an ear infection is quite common among children, it is vital for you to consult a doctor in case there is something serious.

The most common cause for your child's ear infection is because of fluids getting caught in the middle ear, which is prone to infection by bacteria or virus. If they have a severe cold, your child's eustachian tube might swell up causing immense discomfort. Allergies can also cause inflammation in your child's ear. Since your child's immunity system is quite low, they are prone to a bacterial infection that might attack your child's ear.

Allergies can also cause inflammation in your child's ear. Since your child's immunity system is quite low, they are prone to a bacterial infection that might attack your child's ear.

There are numerous signs that your child will project when there is a budding ear infection.

1. Reduced appetite

Ear infections can disrupt your child's normal diet. This can be an outcome of the pain while swallowing any food item because of the swollen gland.

2. Fluid coming out of the ear

White or yellow fluid flowing out of your child's ear is a sign of a serious infection. Take your child to the doctor immediately to curb the uneasiness and get it cured as soon as possible.

3. Bad odour

The infection in your child's ear can lead to a bad odour coming from the infected area. This should be the biggest sign for you that something is not right.

4. Sleeplessness

The acute pain can cause sleeplessness. Crying through the night and inability to sleep can be a symptom of pain in the ear.

5. Fidgeting with the ear

Notice if your child is fidgety with their ear. Fiddling with their ear can be a sign of ear infection and if you don’t take care of it soon enough, they might worsen their infection because of the fidgeting.

6. Vomiting and diarrhoea 

These are other symptoms of ear infection. Too much pain can lead to indigestion and the swelling can repel solid food in the system. The swelling might force your child to swallow chunks of food that have not been chewed on well, which can lead to either of the symptoms

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