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6 Ways To Discipline Your Toddler

As your child grows into a toddler, it is important for you to set boundaries on their behaviour. The earlier you do this, the better it is for your child to grow up to be disciplined. It is impossible to avoid rebellion and mischief, so the best you can do is curb this behaviour to a minimum. A goody-two-shoes toddler might bore you as well.

These are a few easy to follow methods to discipline your child.

1. Do not spank your toddler

No matter what the situation, do not raise your hand for your child. The moment you resort to spanking your young one, you encourage them to rebel against you as time goes. Instead, come up with creative ways to put your point across on how to behave. Use words to express your disappointment instead of raising your hand on your child. However, do not to encourage anybody else in your family to do the same.

2. Do not lose your temper

When your child is disobedient, your tendency to lose your temper might aggravate your child to rebel even more. Try not to lose your temper while you deal with them.

3. Portray good behaviour

Your children take after you. They tend to imitate all your traits. While your child grows, it is vital for you to project virtuous behaviour, so your child will pick up all the good traits. This will make your job simpler.

4. Acknowledge good behaviour

When your child shows good behaviour, be certain to reward your child and praise them. This might sound like a bribe, but the best way to discipline your toddler lies in following this trait. They will enjoy the reward for doing good and will be encouraged to do more of it.

5. Adequate attention

Some children tend to lack discipline because of lack of attention from parents. Do not neglect your growing toddler at any point. You will regret it as your child grows. Once your child reaches their teens, it is impossible to discipline them, so do your best when you can. Give them all the attention and more as they grow to curb their ill habits.

6. Time-outs

Time-out is quite famous among parents trying to discipline their children, as it might be called differently, but the essence of the punishment is to get your child into isolation for a certain period of time while they reflect on their behaviour. You encourage them to realise their fault and apologise for their bad behaviour on their own. Make sure you do not isolate them for too long, as this might change their attitude towards you.

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