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6 Ways To Boost Your Energy As A New Mom

There cannot be a happier moment in a woman's life than giving birth to her bundle of joy. However, motherhood is not always a bed of roses. Looking after the baby often drains the new mommy of all her energy leaving her tired and exhausted. Thus, care should be taken while choosing the diet of a new mom. A diet enriched with all the vital nutrients play a significant role in not only improving her overall health but also gives her energy a much-needed boost. Here is a quick snippet of some of the dietary and exercise (preferably light exercise) tips to keep a new mom healthy and full of energy.

Eat foods wisely:

Be it during the pregnancy or post pregnancy period, the choice of food is vital. Oily, spicy, or processed foods are neither healthy nor energy- boosting. Instead, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables. Simple carbohydrates (known to trigger an elevation in the blood sugar level) are best left avoided or consumed in moderation. Instead, opt for complex carbohydrates such as whole grain foods and cereals, dark green vegetables, lentils, beans, starchy vegetables (such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes).

Many new moms suffer from dehydration which leaves them burnout and fatigued. Thus, is essential to keep the body well hydrated. The benefits of water are known to all and sundry. Summer or winter, make sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water throughout the day.

It also makes sense to have five small meals rather than three large meals throughout the day. Some of the energy-boosting foods that can work wonders for new moms include

Brown rice: 

Rich in dietary fibre, manganese, magnesium, selenium, brown rice goes a long way to keep the heart healthy. It also helps to keep the cholesterol level within a control. Low in calories (without compromising on the energy quotient), brown rice comes across as a wonderful option for new moms who want to get rid of the excess body weight.


Legumes which include kidney beans, the black beans, to name a few are a rich source of iron and a must have for every new mom. Leaf beef, like legumes, are iron-rich and a healthy food choice for new moms.


Laden with the essential vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, daily intake of blueberries (in moderation) plays a pivotal role to boost the energy level of a new mom. An excellent source of Vitamin C, oranges are an energy booster and highly recommended for new moms.

The low-fat dairy products and eggs are also beneficial for new moms.


Proper rest and sound sleep act as an effective exercise to rejuvenate a new mom, helping her to fight stress, fatigue, and anxiety (physical, mental as well as emotional) with elan. Ideally, a person needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily (which may be a herculean task for a new mom). However, a new mom should try to squeeze some time out and take rest as and when possible.

Opting for rigorous or strenuous exercise may do the new mom more harm than good. However, new moms can indulge in yoga and medication which are great energy-boosters. Daily walking (morning or evening) can also work wonders.

One can also opt for pilates, Baby Bridge, for maximum benefits.

Baby Bridge is simple and requires a person to lie on their back while keeping the feet flat on the floor, knees bent and the arms by your side. With the head and the shoulders on the ground, gently squeeze the glutes. While in this position, lift your hips slowly and carefully towards the ceiling. When you lower the hips, ensure that they remain hovered above the floor. You can do three sets of the baby bridge (10-12 reps).

In spite of the effectiveness, do not indulge in the exercises unless recommended by the doctor (especially those with a C-section).


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