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6 Ways To Boost Your Child's Confidence

Parenting tip: A child’s mental and physical well-being should be given equal importance. Therefore, while you focus on ensuring that your child gets the right amount of nutrients - at the same time - you should pay attention to your child’s mental state of mind.

From early on, children should be made aware of the importance of having a positive outlook on life. This is because sometimes the world is a difficult place to live in. Only those who are strong, both mentally and physically, survive. 

All the successful people in the world are confident people. This applies to every field of life. Thus, confidence is a priceless virtue to instill your child with. The wish of every parent is to see their little one grow and up be successful in life. Given below are 6 things that you can do to boost your child’s confidence from the very beginning:

1. Give them choices to choose from

Try presenting your kids with choices to choose from whenever possible. By doing so, you can make them understand the importance of decision making. Give them simple choices to choose from. For example, ask them which restaurant they want to go out to. Or what food they want to eat. The objective here is to give them confidence to take decisions for themselves.

2. Give them some work to do

The completion of a task is accompanied by a feeling of accomplishment. This feeling will help raise your child’s confidence in his/her abilities. Therefore, in order to stimulate this feeling, give them small household chores to do.

3. Try to make them independent, as soon as possible

An independent child is a self-confident child. While doing things for them, with them, stress on the importance of being independent. Give them opportunities to be independent from a young age. For example, show them how to do a simple task. This could be you folding some napkins and then asking them to do some on their own.

4. Give them attention

Children crave attention. They are happy when you give them attention. However, it’s important that you give them the right kind of attention. Don’t give them attention for the sake of it or try to smother up to to them by offering them insincere praise. Instead, spend some time with them on a one-on-one basis doing something that they like. The more loved the child feels at important times, the more confident he/she will be. 

5. Try to get them to play a sport

If not a sport, at least try to ensure that they get some physical exercise. Sports teach kids a few valuable lessons like the importance of patience, hard work, teamwork and knowing one’s strengths as well as weaknesses. Getting some physical exercise has a positive effect on one’s morale. Thus, it positively impacts a child’s confidence. Moreover, a fit child is generally more confident than a one who might be seen to be unfit.

6. Support them in their hobbies

Every child is unique, has their own talents and a different set of hobbies. Cultivating some kind of a hobby is very important for all children. Children are good at something or the other. A major confidence boost for a child is when his/her parents appreciate this talent of theirs and focus on cultivating it.

Remember, there’s a fine line separating confidence from over-confidence. Therefore, while you do want to boost your child’s confidence - at the same time - you also want to keep him/her grounded to reality. This is because parenting is always a balancing act! 

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