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6 Ways That Parenthood Changes You

The day your baby enters your lives is the most special day in your life, one that you will never forget. You’re likely to tell your kids about the day you held them in your arms for the first time, and as they grow, look at them and compare their growth to that first glimpse of their tiny hands and feet, and the small, soft head.

Other than the happiness and emotions parenthood brings into your life, it also changes you as a person in several ways. It makes you mature, responsible, and so much more. Here are some ways you change after becoming a parent (and it’s a good thing!)

1. You become more patient

If you were ever impatient before, you learn to be more patient. You begin to realise that getting upset every time your toddler makes a mess or throws a tantrum, it just takes a toll on you, and achieves nothing from your toddler’s end either. Eventually, cleaning up the mess becomes a habit and only the biggest events can set you off. You learn that raising kids is a task that has to be done with patience, and despite the doubts you might have about yourself, you learn to be more patient.

2. You learn major responsibility

You might have always been responsible, but raising children and taking care of a family doubles or even triples your responsibilities, and even if this scares you, guess what? You end up becoming more responsible, and are able to think clearly when it comes to taking care of your little one. Of course, the first week or two may feel a little disorienting, but you’ll definitely learn, and you become very responsible as a result. Your friends and parents may also probably notice it, as your responsible character begins to show in other life events as well.

3. You put others before yourself

Before you had a baby, you probably took the time to think about and care for yourself - you might have dressed well, gone out to social events, and done a lot of things you wanted to. After having a baby, you can still do these things, but you don’t really see them as important. Your priorities shift, and your baby becomes the center of your life. Every decision you make is weighed based on how it may affect the kids, no matter how old they are. This doesn’t just stop with your kids though - you actually become more considerate to other people as well.

4. All your bad habits (if any) change

Sure, you might not have all that many bad habits. But every human has a few of these - they could be irregular eating and drinking or just simply procrastination. Either way, once you have a child, you’ll ditch these habits because you need to take care of not just yourself but your little one too. You also might simply not have time for bad habits.

You’ll actually begin to create healthy habits so that you can keep yourself and your child healthy, and be able to get all or most of the day’s work done.

5. You become extremely careful and controlling

You’re probably very worried about your kids and so you try to control everything in the surroundings to keep them safe. You may start to worry about every little thing and take extreme care with your baby, probably even when they are a school-going aged child. This is good, but after a point, it might start to tire you out and become overly stressful. Go easy on yourself. Your child is stronger than you think, and you shouldn’t take it upon yourself so much to make everything ‘perfect.’

6. You make new friends - and they’re also parents like you

Your old friends will always be your friends, but your increasing visits to baby classes, the playground or preschool puts you in touch with your child’s playmates’ families, and over time, you become a network of parents who are all good friends, raising your kids together. This can be a real support to you during your parenting journey because it gives you fellow-parents who can relate to what you experience every day.

Parenting is a journey, and it definitely has an impact on you. It changes you, making you a better person, a more mature, kind and caring version of yourself. You should be proud of yourself everyday, and look back every once in a while to see how far you’ve come to be your kid’s favourite superhero!

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