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6 ways in which parenting has changed over the years in India

The summer has made its way into our lives and it’s time to hit the countryside - aka Nani/Dadi Ghar! There you can reminiscence over stolen childhood while sipping hot ginger tea early in the morning - listening to the sparrows chirp like they are plotting for their lover’s arrival.

With at least three generations sharing the roof with you, you will be forced to notice how differently your parents were raised. How the dynamics of relationships has changed over time, but how the love in between has remained a constant.

Mother’s Day just went by and with Father’s Day just around the corner, we present to you 5 ways in which parenting has changed over the years in India. Maybe you can understand your parents a little better and you can be a better parent yourself.


While the love is constant, you will notice that if you were raised by your grandparents and not by your parents, you would have had a difficult time sticking around them. You will notice that parents from previous generations were always blunt, strict and to the point. On the other hand, your parents are more flexible in nature and they put efforts to pamper you, wanting to make you feel good.


Another thing which you will not fail to notice is how the “I am up for a negotiation” game has evolved. Does your dad at the age of 56 still struggle in front of his dad to say that he is more inclined towards poetry than military? Yes, but do you hesitate as well? No? Well, thank your parents for letting you take your decisions on your own. Over the years, especially in the recent past, this has become more and more evident.


We grew up with our parents feeding us with their never-ending stories of the mischief they committed with their cousins. How their strict uncle and aunt scolded them if they summed the two values wrong. Parents before believed in the joint family, seeing it as a necessity for their kids to inculcate family values.

Parenting has been modified a lot in respect to family values and culture. While parents from the past believed it can only be taught at home, parents from today believe that a moral science class in school will can do the same work as well.


There’s no doubt, parents today are more friendly, open and free-spirited than the parents from past. Parents from the previous generation didn’t allow much exposure to their kids. At your granny’s place, you will notice the love being showered over the gents and not on the ladies of the house.

Today, parenting in India has evolved a lot in terms of gender equality. They no more preach differences but more of the strengths in both the genders. From restrictions on skirt lengths, job locations and early marriages to early kids, everything has changed. Parenting in today’s world is about making your kids self-sufficient. White the scenario in concern with parenting has improved to the moon and back - like every coin has two faces - there is some parts on the down-fall in parenting today.


We see today’s kids complaining a lot about their parents being too involved in work and not being able to spend quality time with the kids. This is unlike the early times. With the everyday pacing lifestyle, both the parents go to work and leave their kids to babysitters - failing to develop that emotional bond with them. This quite often leaves a strong impact on kids and makes them socially awkward with low self-confidence.



Yes! I know it’s a tagline, but the world is driven by money and comfort today. People are working day and night to secure theirs as well as their kids future. Yet, in reality, they need to be in the moment with their kids. Earlier, parents sang a lullaby for their kids. Now, they have a device that plays a lullaby for their kids.

Today’s parenting is more like a race, where thousands of parents are running against each other so that their kid: can study in an English medium school where the fees is 4 lacs per year for the first-grade or can take extra tuitions and secure a seat in an IIT. 

Though things related to parenting have changed drastically in past few years, love and care have been a constant. The hard work of parents need to be treasured! 

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