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6 Tips To Help Your Baby Develop Cognitive Abilities

You are the most important person in your baby’s life. She needs your constant love, care and support to build comforting and uplifting early experiences. These experiences are very important for a child as they encourage healthy brain development.

Your little one’s cognitive development starts when they are in your womb itself. The first few years are especially important as your baby’s brain undergoes exceptionally rapid development during this time and creates millions of neurons as well as neuron connections every minute. Provide a nurturing environment to support and stimulate the healthy development of your baby’s cognitive abilities. Here are 6 tips you can use to help your baby develop cognitive abilities: 

1. Puzzles And Building Blocks:

A little stress and struggle help us learn better. Allow your precious one to experience a bit of challenge by solving a puzzle or playing with building blocks. While the colourful blocks will help them to concentrate better, solving those puzzles will encourage them to use their thinking and problem-solving skills.

2. Listen, Touch, Feel:

Let your child listen to different sounds, touch different textures of fabric or play with colourful toys. She will slowly learn to feel the differences and identify the sounds, shapes or colours. Also, talk to your baby even if she is too young to understand what you are saying and try to maintain eye-contact. These activities are very important to stimulate your child’s senses and enhance her sensory skills.

3. Picturebooks And Flashcards

Flashcards with pictures or picture books can be a great way to teach your child to recognize objects or people. Even though she may not be able to pronounce the words properly, your child will learn to associate words with pictures or objects. With constant practice, her language skills will develop and she’ll learn the letters.

4. Number Games

Help your child understand the concept of numbers and develop her counting abilities by introducing number games with familiar objects like her toys, fruits or vegetables etc. Say the numbers out loud while you practice counting with your child and encourage her to say the numbers or count the number of objects in front of her.

5. Reading Time

No matter how old or young your baby is, you should at least have one reading session with your baby everyday. Infants below 1 year, even though will not understand the words you say but will learn to listen and try to utter words. It helps in stimulating your child’s imagination and building memory which is very important for your little one’s healthy brain development. Moreover, daily reading time can be a great bonding time for you and your baby.

6. Question-Answer Round

Once your child gets old enough to understand a few words, start asking her questions. Give her choices to choose from, for example - “Do you want the chocolate or ice-cream?” or “Can I play with your toys?” etc. This will encourage your child to think and will help with her decision-making and problem-solving abilities. She will learn to mimic you and start asking questions.

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