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6 Tips To Get Your Husband More Involved At Home

Most women wonder how to get their husband involved in household chores without putting too much pressure on them. Ladies, take note of one thing, the house belongs to the both of you and it is completely OKAY to ask your husband for a little help around the house. This does not mean that you ask them to help you with cleaning and washing and cooking, all at once after a tiring day at the office.

Take baby steps, but do not hesitate to ask them for help. There is nothing wrong in expecting your spouse to take equal part in household activities, without having to attach the element of guilt to it.

Have a look at these 6 amazing tips:

1. Determine and classify.

People say that making lists is clichéd and hence often opt to do without one. Believe it or not, writing all that you have to do, on a piece of paper or even on a word document in your computer can help a lot. Once you know what exactly needs to be done, you can go on allotting time frames and people to every task. Find out which tasks you can do better, which ones your husband can do more efficiently and also the ones that you can both do together.

2. Appreciation.

Adopt a ‘me’ tone instead of a ‘you’ tone. Blaming your partner for not helping with household work without talking to them about it is not a fair thing. You need to appreciate all the other things that your husband is already doing and then tell him that ‘you’ need some help in the house as well. If you tell him that he doesn’t help you around the house, chances are, that it may lead to a war of words.

3. Assertion.

As mentioned earlier, you need to make your husband see that the house is a place shared by the family and hence needs to be cared by all. Do not back down when he tells you that he has too much work at the office. Helping you with cooking, or taking the kids out on a weekend will not only be of some help to you, but it will help your family bond. Also, after childbirth women tend to think that their babies are their main priority, which is not completely true. You need to remember how much your husband helped you through your pregnancy and how he always stood by your side. Do not forget to give him your time and attention even after the birth of your little one.

4. Switch tasks.

To make sure that chores are distributed fairly, keep switching tasks regularly. This will not only ensure that both of you get to do everything but make you efficient in things that you didn’t know you were capable of. If at all, due to some contingency your partner is unable to carry out their task, then it is no reason to worry since you can do it too.

5. Teamwork.

Managing a house requires good planning and teamwork. You and your husband are in it together and need to encourage each other. Recognize each other’s strengths and appreciate the other person’s effort, no matter how small.

6. Time for relaxation and leisure.

Asking your husband to get involved in household chores does not mean that you eat up his entire weekend and free time. You need to put yourself in his shoes and think from his perspective as well. Take out some time for the both of you to relax and spend some time with each other.

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