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6 Tips To Build A Marriage Based On Trust

Trust is the key to a happy, satisfying relationship. It gives you and your spouse or partner a sense of safety and security in the relationship, because you have faith that the other person will not let you down. A strong relationship is one that is built primarily on trust.

Trust gets your marriage through the obstacles and tough times that may come your way. It helps your relationship last longer and remain strong. A lack of trust is harmful to relationships and it is thus important to work on building a foundation of trust with your partner.

This effort has to be two-way, and it is important to do both - trust your partner, as well as be trusted by them. Here are some ways that you and your partner can work on building trust together:

1. Be honest with each other

A relationship is threatened when you keep secrets from each other. Moreover, do you really want to deal with the exhausting task of keeping secrets from your loved one? It’s easier to be honest and allow your partner to be honest with you.

2. Admit and forgive mistakes

Nobody’s perfect, so make sure that you forgive the small mistakes your partner makes. Put your ego aside and admit that you are wrong when you know you are, because it is much easier than fighting and ruining the trust you have. If you forgive each other, it will help your partner to admit when they are wrong, so that you can work on your problem together rather than throw blame around.

3. Openness, not judgment

Don’t jump to judgments too easily. Often, the situation is more than what meets the eye. Encourage your partner to talk to you without the fear that you will misunderstand.

4. Be supportive

Supporting each other in a relationship is a sign that it’s you and your partner versus problems, and not you versus your partner. Encourage each other to follow certain dreams and provide each other moral support when it comes to the highs as well as the lows. After all, as a couple, you’re in this together. “What’s mine is yours”, remember?

5. Keep your promises

When you tell each other that you’ll behave a certain way or do certain things, make sure to live up to your words. Your ability to live up to each other’s hopes is what determines how you see and understand each other. If you keep breaking promises, your partner may lower the bar and lose a little faith.

6. Understand each other’s needs and feelings

Understand the things that make your partner happy as well as hurt them. Avoid doing things that could hurt them, and make responsible decisions that will keep your partner happy and secure in your relationship.

Finally, you know you love each other. How you go about trusting each other and strengthening your relationship depends on the effort each of you decides to invest. A relationship takes effort at every stage, so never take your loved one for granted. Trust each other and believe that they would try to do what’s best for your relationship.

How do you go about keeping your relationship strong? Tell us in the comments!

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