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6 Times You Could Not Stand Your Mother-in-Law

Mother-in-laws everywhere always find a way to touch their daughter-in-law’s heart - or more often, rub them the wrong way. They may be really good with the kids but when it comes to helping their daughter-in-law, they find a way to be annoying instead. We have listed out 6 times your mom-in-law got under your skin. See if you can relate! :)

#1: When she can’t keep her nose out of your business

Let’s say you and your husband have planned to get pregnant later in life - after you have saved enough money or moved into a bigger house. She will keep pestering you about having a baby anyway. This is not the only way she is nosy. If you have a dinner or movie date planned with your husband, she will want to know everything from the where to the how to the what.

#2: When you argue with her and your husband takes her side

It could be just a petty fight about the curry having too much or too little salt. You can’t really help it when your husband takes her side of the argument - she is his mother after all. But it is the way she rubs it in your face after he takes her side that is annoying.

#3: When she takes your kids away from you

Not only does she pester you till your kids are born, after they are born all she will try to do is try to keep them away from you. She will always try to hold them, carry them around and simply not give them to you.

#4: When you’re sad, she finds a way to make you feel worse

If you are feeling down, your mom-in-law better be the last to know because she always knows just how to make you feel worse. A day after delivery is not the best time for someone to come right up to your face to tell you you should shed that belly fat. But your mother-in-law will go right ahead and say it anyway and when this happens, just nod and move away - don’t let it get to you.

#5: When she makes you feel like a maid

You are not allowed to sit still and relax for even a minute. She will always find a way to keep you on your feet while she just sits back in her throne, ordering away. It doesn’t matter how tired you are - she will not help you.

#6: When she compares herself to you

Everyone is unique and thus, her way of getting things done may be very different from yours. So you can’t prepare biryani the way she does. But you can bake an awesome cake that everyone loves. Or that time she said that her son never spit up while your son had been sick for the last 2 days. It is unbearable and rude s just tune that negativity out of your mind. If you train yourself to not react, she will eventually stop trying to get a reaction out of you.

So, how did you find this article? Was it on point? If so, do share it and comment about your own experiences as well.

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