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6 Things Your Baby Hates Inside The Womb

Usually, when we talk about pregnancy, we refer to the mother and her feelings. We always focus on what she’s going through, the pain she experiences, things she doesn’t like. We don’t focus on what the unborn baby likes or dislikes.

It is said that babies develop feelings and senses even before they open their eyes to the world. They can sense happiness, sadness, anger and even sadness. Moreover, they are so sensitive that they understand and undergo anxiety and stress in the womb.

They can even sense what the mom’s undergoing and understand her emotions. This happens because hormones released during this time travel through the placenta and reach the baby. Isn’t the human body AMAZING!?

There are a lot of things an unborn baby likes and dislikes. It is so hard to pick on these things especially when you’re pregnant. Don’t worry, we’ve gathered a bunch of things that your baby absolutely hates when he is inside the womb.

1. Poking your bump

It is a wonderful way to bond with the baby even when he is inside your womb. It is a great way to instigate an interaction. However if your little one isn’t in a mood to react to your touch, it is better to leave them alone. If you notice that he constantly shifts his position inside the womb, it means that he wants to be left alone.

2.Laughing like a hyena

Your baby loves it when you’re happy because of that way, he feels happy too. Although he wants you to never stop smiling but those hysterical laughter breakout sessions drive him nuts. It is because when you laugh, your belly moves and this motion disturbs his slumber. Moreover, the sound travels down to the bump and, yes, he can hear you too.

3. Exposure to bright light

Another annoying but funny way to bond with your baby. Mommies to be often flashlight on their baby hoping for a reaction.

Babies can see the flash even if their eyes are closed. It is similar to the way we can notice the sunlight even if our eyes are closed.

If the baby wants to play, he will respond to the flashes but if he wishes to sleep, he will move away from the flashes.

4. Spicy food

Although babies are still inside the womb, they can actually taste things that their mommy eats. They develop a sense of taste in the early stages of pregnancy. They are able to taste the food as their nutrition and nourishment travel through the amniotic fluid. They can open and close their mouth to taste food that their mommy is eating.

So, the next time you eat spicy food and your tongue is on fire, chances are that your baby feels the same.

5. Sad mommy=sad baby

If a mom feels stressed out, the baby will feel 5 times more stressed. Prolonged exposure to stress, negativity and anxiety it could become a bad influence on your unborn baby’s health. Once he is born, he might be colicky if you’ve been sad during your pregnancy.The hormones released when you’re upset get transferred to your baby through the fluid. That’s why pregnant women are asked to surround themselves with positive thoughts.

6. Whacky food

Like mentioned before, babies can taste food that their mommy eats. Just like the way they hate spicy food, they don’t like the nasty tasting foods either. You’ll only find out what your baby likes and dislikes during an ultrasound. So next time you get an ultrasound, eat a couple of random things to see your baby’s reaction.   


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