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6 Things You Should Throw Out Right Now

The peace of mind that comes from organized living can’t be found anywhere else in this world. A lot of things that get accumulated in our house are just cluttered and we need to immediately get rid of it. It will not only help you declutter your house, but will also make it look cleaner and spacious. Here’s the list of everyday items in our lives that are limiting what comes into your house.

Old plastic containers

The pesky old plastic containers mostly contain BPA which are toxic to our health and also hamper our mental well being. If you have the habit of storing food items in these containers, then the harmful chemicals can leach into your food which leads to severe health risks. You need to get rid of these plastic containers immediately and replace them with glass containers. They are way healthier for you and last longer.

Expired pantry items

Kitchen items like packaged food, spices and supplements have an expiration date. You need to ditch all of the kitchen items that have gone past their prime. It’s also advisable to keep the freezer food within a limited duration. You don’t need to wait for the end date of expiry to get rid of the pantry items. If you find that the products have gone stale or taste unusual than their real taste, then you can definitely throw them out.

Worn out clothes

We keep holding onto our clothes even when they get worn out or are ill-fitting. This clutters your wardrobe and you keep squandering closet space. If you haven’t worn something in the past one year, then it’s useless waiting that you’ll fit into those clothes or the style of those clothes will come back once again. You can, instead, donate your clothes or make a run to the local charity to help the needless. This will make your life organized and you’ll find only wearable clothes in your wardrobe.

Unnecessary paperwork

Cleaning out clutter becomes absolutely important to get rid of the random junk. You might hold on to some paperwork that’s important such as tax-related material, passport, electricity bill - but what about the receipt of the clothes you have bought last year or hard copies of your college assignment? Is it worth to hold on to them and shred the space at your home? Dump the paperwork that is no longer needed and see if you can sign up for paychecks to save the environment.

Old magazines

Do you really need a cabinet full of old magazines? If they don’t hold importance today - it’s better to dump them. Give them to local vendors who recycle them and save paper. Sometimes, you can find your magazines gathering dust in your basement or your garage. They can find a better place in the people with local businesses having waiting rooms. This will also ensure that whenever you get bored you have something current to read!

Glut of toys

You can see a glut of toys scrambled everywhere in the house if you have kids. Even when your kids don’t use these toys - you hang onto them because of emotional attachment. Yet, have you ever thought that there are millions of kids who don’t get to play with the toys? If you donate the extra toys of your kids to them, they can be extremely happy. Dump those teddy bears and barbies - donating them to the needy kids.

There’s so much of rug that is stuck in a dark corner and we don’t even pay attention to dump them out of our home. By getting rid of these items you can declutter your home and welcome a peace of mind! 

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