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6 Things You Didn't Know About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the most important source of food for a baby. And up to a certain age, it is the only food source that your little baby has. But, as much as breastfeeding is important for your little one, it is important for you as well. And so, it is important that you breastfeed your little one as much as you can. We are sure you have all the idea in the world about how breastfeeding happens but still, there might be some things that you just don't know. And so, we have made a list of 6 such points that you probably didn't know about.

1. Sex might be quite different

Estrogen levels tend to be lower in nursing moms which can cause vaginal dryness. Even your breasts will feel different during sex after childbirth as now they are filled with milk and because of feeding your little one all day, your nipples can be a bit more sensitive and sore. So, try using this opportunity to explore a different sexual side and interact with your partner in telling them how and what to do.

2. Your milk will not look like cow milk

It won't look the same day to day, either. That's because breastmilk composition changes to meet your baby's nutritional needs. At first, you'll produce a sticky, yellowish-white colostrum that's rich in protein. In a few days, when your milk supply comes in, it will contain two parts, which might separate in the fridge: Foremilk is thin, watery, and may appear pale blue; hindmilk, which has more fat, will be slightly thicker and creamier. And in no way whatsoever will your milk look the same as cow milk.

3. There are chances it will hurt

Breastfeeding means that someone is going to suck on your breasts through your nipples all day every day. This is enough to make your nipples sore and make your breasts feel cracked and painful. It is important that you use different things in order to moisturize your breasts and nipples while letting your little one get the best of nutrition. All you can do is just be ready for the pain that you might end up feeling.

4. Your belly might feel crampy

The same hormone responsible for triggering milk letdown, oxytocin, causes your uterus to shrink back to normal, which reduces the risk for uterine bleeding and although it's uncomfortable, cramping is a sign that your body is healing properly. So, in a way, if you feel some cramps during breastfeeding or at other time during the breastfeeding days then that means that your body has started healing after childbirth.

5. Your breasts may leak more

Oxytocin is released into your body every time and anytime you think of your baby. This chemical is what helps you bond properly with your little one. But, this oxytocin is also related to breastfeeding as well and every time it is released, your breasts start making more milk which in turn leads to leakage.

6. Your husband will love it

Psychological research has seen that husbands find it arousing that their wives have taken a proper maternal role. Besides, breastfeeding will mean that your breasts will grow in size and that, as we all know, is a good enough turn on for males. So, it is safe to say that even though you might be struggling with the whole breastfeeding thing, at least your husband will be more into you.


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