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6 Things Women Need To Change During Pregnancy

No matter how many pregnancy books and articles you’ve read, nothing quite prepares you for the rollercoaster of emotions and bodily changes you are bound to experience during pregnancy. The second a woman finds out she’s pregnant, she thinks about all the things she needs to change about herself and the surroundings to make sure her little one is safe and comfortable. Here are a few such things:

No more amusement park rides

There’s no explanation needed as to why amusement park rides are not recommended during pregnancy. They can be scary even when you’re not pregnant, but imagine sitting strapped in on a rollercoaster with your belly protruding to your front.

Stay away from your cat

If you have a cat at home, you know that kitty litter can be a big thing to deal with on an everyday basis. Cat litter contains a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii that can cause infections among pregnant women because of the compromised immune system.

Taking care of what you eat

No more processed food mommies. They contain too many harmful things so the risk is greater than the satisfaction. Unless you are really craving for some junk food, it’s best you stay away from it and stick to good old fruits and veggies.

Cut down on the workout sessions

Exercising during pregnancy is really good for both you and your baby but you should know your limits. If you’re a workout freak, it’s best you don’t push yourself too hard. Remember the goal during pregnancy is to stay healthy not to lose weight.

Cleaning must be delegated

Most of the household cleaners you use for getting rid of the stains on the floor, glass and toilets are full of chemicals that can harm you during pregnancy. Many studies show that these chemicals can cause birth defects and other complications during childbirth. So stay away from inhaling these toxic at least for those 9 months.

Your makeup routine needs to change

Your makeup is also full of preservatives and chemical additives. They can seep into your skin and harm the baby. Either switch to more natural products or avoid that full-face of glam look. You look stunning anyway, why bother to hide behind makeup, right? 


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