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6 Things Wives SECRETLY Desire But Never Tell Their Husbands

“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” whoever said this is absolutely legendary. Women are known to be social and hella talkative as compared to men. But it may come as a surprise to you, that women too are secretive by nature (well about some things at least!!)

When a woman begins to act all mysterious, that’s the only heads up you’ll need to realise that something isn’t right. Even after dropping hints, men just don’t seem to get it! It is by far the most annoying thing every woman experiences in her lifetime. Just like the way communication is important in every relationship, you need to TALK to your partner about things that bother you. But if that also doesn’t work… she begins to feel like her partner is never going to understand her and therefore it is better to just NEVER tell.

Here are 6 important things wives desire but never tell their husbands:

1. Tell me that I’m pretty

Women love to hear it from their men as it gives them an ego boost. One compliment from her husband can make or break her day! She gets all dressed up only because she wants to hear those words of praise from her partner. She actually makes an effort to look fabulous just so that her husband can’t take his eyes off, of her.

2. Take the initiative

This is one of the most important things a woman will never tell her man. She doesn’t like planning things because the flame of curiosity withers away. To keep things spiced up, she would love it if her man takes the initiative of simple things like choosing to eat out, a nice long drive or even picking things out from the grocery mart.

3.Surprises hurt nobody

Women absolutely love surprises be it an exquisite expensive necklace or something as simple as a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. But the only way to drive a woman crazy with happiness is when her husband cooks dinner for a change. Although it is a small gesture but the impact created on the woman is huge! She would instantly feel special and loved. Moreover, seeing the effort put by her partner will make her feel overwhelmed.

4.It is okay to have a “guy time” but don't neglect me

Yes, most women do give space to their partners as it is healthy for the relationship. But what they are afraid of is being neglected. Often, men become so involved in their ‘guy time’ that the forget that they have a wife! Obviously, it is fun and frolic to relive the memories of the YOUTH with friends but it’s not okay to forget about your current life.

5.Fear of losing your man to another woman

This is by far the biggest hidden fear of every woman. It could be a female friend or a co-worker or assistant and you fear that your partner might lose interest in you and attract other women. Reason being ‘ we all want something we can never have.’

So, women fear that their man’s heart and attention is with someone else and that he might be fantasizing about them. That’s the worst thing that can happen to any woman.

6. The sincerity quotient

Apart from communication, honesty and loyalty are the other factors which are important in a relationship. Nobody wants to be a fool and living a life full of lies. Women can forgive a lot of things but, LIES and BETRAYAl are absolutely unforgivable. Just like the way you’ve been loyal to your husband, you expect the same out of them. 

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