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6 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Babysitter

Heading back to work postpartum can be tough not because of the lingering body pain and tiredness but also because you miss being around your baby and you feel a tad bit guilty about it. You can’t rely on your relatives to look after your baby forever and thus the need for hiring a babysitter arises. In our busy world, we want to make sure that our baby is happy and safe at home while we go to work.

A babysitter’s job isn’t too easy either. They have to look after the kids, make sure they are fed at the right time, respond to calls, keep the kids entertained and get the kids to take a nap. So we need to hire someone who is responsible enough and is passionate about looking after kids.

Here are a couple things you should check before hiring one.

1. Background Check

If you are hiring a babysitter through an agency, be sure to ask for a thorough profile description. It doesn’t hurt to do a bit of digging of your own. Find out about their previous employment details, talk to the employer, how the babysitter treated their kids and the house. Figure out if they have any kind of criminal records (stealing, sexual assault, drunken driving, drug use, etc). After you have spoken to the previous employers, you can build up a questionnaire to see if the stories match up.

2. Experience Matters

How long have they been working? How much experience do they have in dealing with infants, toddlers and kids? This includes the time they spent working as a babysitter, a daycare employee, or a preschool teacher. The level of experience and the reviews from previous employees together can help you a great deal in coming to a decision.

3. Education Level

This depends on your needs and your child’s needs. If your child has started going to school, you would want a babysitter who will make them do their homework and help them out with it every day. For toddlers, they may just need to be kept busy with picture books, colouring books and flashcards (for animals, birds, fruit, vegetables, etc).


4. Emergency Training

It is a good idea to hire a nanny who knows how to handle emergency situations. For example, if your child starts choking on something, the babysitter should be able to help them or if they get hurt, they should be able to administer first aid immediately. Basic training with Heimlich, CPR and first aid is a must.

5. Trial Round

If they have checked off all of these important criteria, and you have had a thorough screening to shortlist a babysitter, you should hire them but before you do, ask them to come by your house for a trial. You could see how they are with the kids when they come over. Get them to stay the day at your house so that you know for sure if you are making the right decision or not.

6. Your Instinct

If after all this, you still feel sceptical about hiring him/her, then trust your instinct. Sometimes, a person could have great reviews and rapport but when you interviewed them or let them come over for a trial, something felt off. So, only hire someone when you completely trust that they will do their job right.

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