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6 Things That DON'T Change After Having A Baby

These days, all people talk about is how life drastically changes post giving birth. Welcoming a new human into your life is something you have done plenty of times before in your life - whenever you make new friends for example. But having a baby is different in the sense that you have created this new human and this new human is now depending on you for every little thing.

But having a baby is just like an added responsibility. It does not have to change anything in your life apart from the fact that you have now earned yourself the title of ‘parent’. Your newborn baby is going to take up a lot of your time but this shouldn’t keep you from doing you.

Following is a list of things that don’t change after having a baby:

1. Friends

With the advancement in technology nowadays, it is impossible to not be in touch with your friends. So what if you can’t meet up? You can still video call a friend anytime you need them - provided they are free of course. You don’t even have to pause the call while you tend to your baby. Put the phone in speaker mode and continue catching up on the go.

2. Exercise

Who says you don’t get to exercise after having a baby? Having a baby means lifting a 5 kg weight that you would have to carry around as you walk and do pretty much anything. The moment you put down this soft sweet 5 kg weight, they cry for you to lift them up again. So, yes you definitely aren’t missing out on your workouts.

3. Sleeping

If anything, having a baby will allow you to sleep more often than before - unless your baby is still taking quarter hour naps of course. All you have to do is snooze with your baby and you would get all the rest you need.

4. Me-time

As mentioned earlier, the time that your baby sleeps can be utilised for sleeping but it can also be used to spend some time looking after yourself. They obviously won’t sleep long enough for you to step out of the house but you can do stuff inside your house. Giving yourself a mani-pedi, catching up on your favourite TV serial and making use of that treadmill are just a few examples of how you can spend your time.

5. Marriage

Most people say that having a baby is going to take its toll on your marriage life. This is not necessarily true though. A husband and wife will spend just as much time together as they did before having a baby and if anything their bond will grow stronger and deeper after having a baby.

6. Bathing

Yes, you will definitely still have time to take a bath every day just the way you did before marriage. The only difference now is that now, your anxious little one would be waiting for you to come out of the bathroom sooner. You can and should still take your time and scrub yourself - all those feedings and diaper changes would mean you really need that scrub.

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