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6 Things A Supermom Does Without Fail

“Honey, I can’t find my socks! And wallet! And tie!!”, “Mom, have you seen my science notebook”, “Bahu, it’s time to take the pills for high blood pressure, can you serve my breakfast now?” - Aaand swoop!! The supermom does it all again. From taking care of each of her family member’s needs to getting ready for office, from preparing delicious breakfast for everyone to packing each one’s lunch - she just swishes her magic wand and gets everything done!!

Life would be so much easier if we were really blessed with such superpowers or magic, wouldn’t it? But sadly, even though these wishes are far from turning into reality, the duties and responsibilities are not any lesser in real life. And even though they seem like normal human beings like us, some mothers balance in all like an A-list superhero without even exhausting their bodies out.

Here are few things a supermom must do to stay ahead of their busy schedule and to shake the tantrums of life off her shoulders just like a boss.

Take care of her body:

“Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others”.

How do you expect your body to keep functioning if you do not fuel it properly? Take a break, eat your nutritious meals, exercise a little and take some extra oxygen in. Even though your schedule is extremely tight, you have to take care of your health.

Meditate to power the mind:

“With great power comes great responsibility” - yes, but how to keep your already exhausted brain from exploding? Meditation is the key here my friend. No need to chant any mantras or anything, just let the fresh air of the morning fill your lungs, pump up the heart and power the mind.

Organise her schedule:

A long list of to-do’s and only 24 hours in hand. Even though it seems just enough, 24 hours is only a handful for a supermom to complete all her superhero missions. So the best way to keep track and put a tick against each to-do’s is to organise the schedule based on priority and stick to it. As the day goes by and your tick boxes start filling up, you will not only get satisfied but also motivated to finish the final tasks.

Find a little “Me-time”:

Is it that hard to find at least a half hour for just yourself? Well, no matter how packed your schedule is, find at least 15 mins to do what you really love. You love badminton then play with the kids, you love music then listen to your favourite tracks while you are in the shower, you love reading then take out your favourite book as you ride to your workplace (provided you are driving, of course). Give yourself a little bit of space from your duties as a treat of appreciation for your hard work.

Delegate tasks among every member of the family:

A supermom turns her family into a league of superheroes and delegates the chores to her members so that she can focus on main mission - taking care of the family in the most effective way possible. Let your little Hulk and Batgirl help you make your life a bit less hectic, so that you can spend a little more time cuddling them.

Know to say “No”:

Ooh very important! Never say yes to a mission you can’t execute or can’t manage to take out time from your busy schedule. Answer with a plain simple “no” and politely suggest if anyone else is more suitable for the task. You should never fill yourself with guilt for not being able to deliver in such case as you are actually doing everything in your capacity.

Always remember mommies, you are a superhero - not a machine. Go ahead, wear the cape and accomplish your missions. But don’t forget to get yourself that treat you so much deserve - perhaps a shawarma from the shawarma joint two blocks away.

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