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6 Things A Husband Shouldn’t Say To His Wife

Being a woman is difficult but the transition of a woman into a mom is just phenomenal! There are so many responsibilities a mom needs to take up but it is time for the men to have access to all these things. 

Sometimes they say a lot of things they don’t mean and it just turns against them. So there are certain things that the husband should avoid telling the wife. We'll tell you what these things are:

1.This is a mother's job

As a mother, your wife is doing a lot of work already. SHe doesn’t complain as much so, you shouldn’t ever say that this is a “mom’s job”. Help her out whenever and wherever you can.

2. You don’t work at all

After having a baby, when the woman becomes a mother and the responsibility doubles up. Don’t even be remotely mistaken that the woman of the house has nothing to do just because she’s at home. She has the entire responsibility of the house and the baby. Even if you come back home after a long day from the office, chances are that you’ll see your wife slogging even at 10 in the night!

3. Where are my socks? Where’s my wallet!!

Avoid asking such a question to your wife. Because your wife needs some rest after feeding and taking care of the baby. If you keep troubling her for these little things, she will get really irritated and she will not be happy with this attitude of yours. This can cause a serious effect on your baby’s mental health too.

4. Today I will take care of the baby

Why only today? What about the other days? The baby is a creation of the two of you and both of you are equally responsible for your baby’s development. If you’re unable to help her in taking care of the baby, help her in the other household work to make her life a little more sorted.

5. You want to eat out AGAIN?

If your wife has been tired of cooking, don’t ask her why she’s not making lunch or dinner. She gets really exhausted after a tough day so just say nothing and take her out to her favorite restaurant!

6.OMG, this house is such a mess!

If you see the house cluttered, it is because your wife doesn’t have the energy or time to constantly keep cleaning it. She has a baby to take care of and the responsibility of the house is also on her. If you can’t take care of the baby then at least help her clean the house. If you see dirty laundry or a pile of dishes in the sink, instead of complaining, get working! She will be overwhelmed to see you making an effort in the relationship. 


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