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6 Sure Signs That Your Husband Is Crazy About You

When our lives get busy, it becomes hard for us to focus on our marriage. Worklife, taking care of the baby and meeting up with friends and family is all we have time for. Oh, and the monthly grocery shopping. So we may not find the time to say “I love you” every day and even when we do, we aren’t sure when we would get time to spend with our partner. Yet, we try to show our partners that we love them and are always thinking about them.

Here are a few sure signs that your husband is madly in love with you:

1. He always has your best interests in mind

Whenever he is about to do something new, he always consults the leading lady in his life first. If his job schedule changed or if he has to move to another city, he will talk to about it first. He is always doing things for your well-being and makes sure that you feel safe and loved at all times.

2. He compliments you often

A good, loving husband will constantly remind you why he loves you. He will tell you that you look beautiful and/or how he is lucky to have you as his wife. Men are easy to read like that - if they love you, they will appreciate you and ensure you know that you are loved.

3. He wants to know more about his in-laws

If your husband shows genuine interest in learning more about your side of the family, that’s when you know for sure that he loves you. He would even make the effort to bond with everyone who is important to you - blood-related or otherwise. After all, your family is his family too.

4. He accepts his mistakes

A man that admits when he is wrong is one who truly loves and admires you. It takes a lot for a man (or even a woman for that matter) to admit that they are wrong. So if he accepts his mistakes, it not only shows that he has a big heart, it also shows that he has that much love and respect for you.

5. He boasts about you to his friends

A happily married man will for sure brag about his wife to his friends. He will shower compliments on you whenever he is out with friends, whether you are there with him or not. When you are around, he will ensure you hear it when he says something nice about you. This is just his way of showing love and appreciation.

6. He is really patient

Marriages take a lot of work. There will be things you don’t agree on and little things that annoy you. This could be small things like how he snores while sleeping or how you take an hour (or more) to get ready every morning. If he is patient enough to accept your little quirks and come to a comprise when you argue/disagree, it goes to show that he indeed loves you a lot!

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