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Labour is the moment when you are hours and days away from getting to hold your baby in your arms. It is the time when your womb starts having contractions and also starts pushing your baby towards the opening. But even while you are going through labour, it might actually take some time for your uterine wall to have expanded enough that the doctor takes you to the delivery room. In the meanwhile, you will have to endure the pain for quite some time and so it is important that you take certain steps to ease out the pain. And in order to help you pull through it comfortably, we have made a list of some ways you can use.

1. Warm water therapy

Warm water can work wonders for diminishing labour pain. If there is a bathtub in your room then fill it with warm water and step into it. Just sit down and relax. It will definitely help ease the pain as warm water will relax the muscles and also numb the nervous system a bit. You can also take a hot water shower and stand under it for some time. Even that will definitely have a similar effect and your pain will be eased out significantly.

2. Try moving around

Walking, swaying, changing positions, and rolling on a birthing ball can not only ease the pain but can help your labour progress by using the force of gravity to your advantage and encouraging the movement and rotation of the baby down through the pelvic canal. So, try moving around as much as you can but try not to overdo it.

3. Massage

Massages have been seen to ease out the muscular stress and tension thereby reducing pain. Also, when you are massaged, you tend to get distracted and that itself significantly helps in reducing the pain that you might be feeling. So, just ask your husband to massage your feet or head for some time and you will instantly start feeling better.

4. Control your breathing

The inhaling and exhaling you are doing can actually perform wonders. Generally, when women are in labour they feel more pain when they are not controlling their breathing. Try taking deep and fast breaths. By putting in more oxygen into your bloodstream you will be able to reduce the pressure on your nerves and muscles which will thereby help in making you feel better and less painful.

5. Epidural

If the pain is a bit too much and you just can’t bear it then you can also ask your doctor to give you an epidural injection. Epidural is a focused painkiller which can significantly reduce the effects of labour and thereby help reduce the amount of pain you might be feeling.

6. Talk to someone or try distracting yourself

If your brain is not listening to you and still making you feel pain, you can actually try fooling your brain. By talking to someone, watching your favourite tv show or just reading a book, you can distract your brain and thereby shift the focus from the pain to whatever you are doing.

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