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6 Simple Hair Care Tips To Reduce Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is one of the most frustrating things in a woman’s life. Due to excessive heat and styling the hair becomes so weak that you have half broken strands sitting on the top of your hair. The struggle for long, shiny and beautiful locks is all too real in today’s time. If you too are struggling with hair that has become susceptible to breakage and taming your hair has become the most tiring task then take a sneak peek into the million dollar tips that will prevent further damage and will help your strands recover forever

Wash your hair only twice or thrice a week

If you’re looking for long, shiny and healthy hair then you need to go a few days with shampooing your hair. Shampoos often contain sulfate and other harmful chemicals that can make your hair susceptible to damage and breakage. It’s also important to know that the shampoo that you’re using traps oil and strips the hair of natural oils leading to hair that’s less than lush. It’s therefore recommended to wash your hair bi-weekly to keep the scalp moisture and prevent scalp irritation. After all healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

Remove split ends

Trimming split ends prevents your hair from further breakage. It not only removes the dead ends but also helps in preventing further damage on the same shaft of hair where the split ends are present. It’s like stopping a tear on a piece of cloth. If you don’t get rid of it, it’ll travel up to the hair shaft and will cause the whole strand to break. Don’t let the split ends wreck a havoc with the strength and the look of your hair.

Deep oil massage

If you want to maintain the look of long luscious locks then gently massage oil into your scalp and it’ll act as a therapy to combat the damage that you’ve done to your hair. You can either use coconut oil or argan oil to massage your scalp and it’ll make your hair strong, shiny and lustrous. Oil massage increases the blood circulation of your scalp helping your hair follicle remain active. You can apply light pressure to the skin of the scalp and massage your hair once or twice a week to strengthen the roots of the scalp and prevent hair fall.

Avoid wet hair brushing

Do you know about a habit that is hurting your hair and making it weak? It’s the habit of brushing your hair when it’s wet! Your hair is at the weakest when it is wet and brushing your hair in this condition means breakage and hair damage. Try not to brush your wet hair as it is super rough on your locks and can make it more prone to breakage.

Ease up on blow drying and styling tools

In today’s time, curling irons and blow dryers have become an important part of our daily routine. They ease our life and make us look presentable even on the go. But do you know that the overuse of these styling tools can cause irrevocable damage to your entire hair? It’s always advisable to save the heat tools for parties and get-togethers and experiment with braids and twists for a more natural yet stylish everyday look and don’t forget to use a heat protection spray while using these heating tools.

Deep condition regularly

As you need an extra dose of vitamins and minerals in your diet for a healthy body your hair needs an extra boost of moisture to prevent hair breakage and damage. You can use homemade hair conditioners where you can apply a pack of egg, olive oil, and banana and it’ll act like magic to revive your damaged hair. You can deep condition your hair once a week for irresistible, shiny and lustrous locks.

If you suffer from hair breakage don’t forget to use these wonderful trips and tricks. Let your locks be the centre of attention wherever you go!


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