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6 Signs Your Baby Will Make Your Marriage Stronger

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Having a baby changes life for a mom, and this is well-known. But parenthood also changes dads, and your relationship with your husband. Marriage is a deep and meaningful connection that you and your partner have made just yours, and when you have a baby, the baby becomes a part of this bond.

Together, you’re all a beautiful family. The baby learns about love and security by being around your relationship. Couples also begin to feel like their marriage has been strengthened by the birth of their little one. 

But how do you know before your baby is even here whether this will happen? There are some signs you can watch out for to know whether having a baby will make you and your husband get closer:

1. Involvement

If both of you are involved in your pregnancy, it’s a good sign. Granted that a woman does have to be more involved because you’re the one who’s pregnant, a husband who spends time helping you with pre-baby activities is a keeper! Whether it’s going to the doctor together or taking a birthing class together or even shopping with you for baby clothes, involvement is key to a healthy marriage. After your baby is born, there will be plenty of time when dads feel like they are on the ‘outside’ due to the mother’s special bond with the baby, say, during breastfeeding. So keep your partner involved in every other baby-related bond.

2. Priorities

If both of you see the baby as a priority on the same level, things should be fine. Often, being a mom can be quite overwhelming emotionally and it helps to have your partner tell you that they understand. Having a partner who understands a mother’s instinctual worry and excitement is key to keeping the romance alive during and after pregnancy.

3. Honesty

If your husband is honest with you about his concerns and problems, then you need not worry too much about whether being parents will strain your relationship. Make sure that you maintain a nice, honest bond with your husband too. Not talking about things can place a lot of stress on you both as individuals, as well as your relationship. Be open - after all, you’re about to welcome a baby together!

4. Responsibility

Baby or no baby, share responsibilities with each other. This can really help you understand each other and is a way that you ensure you spend time together. Whether it’s helping with cleaning or in the kitchen, sharing of responsibilities can signal a smoother transition into parenthood, where sharing these responsibilities is crucial to raising a little child. You can’t take care of your baby all alone - papa needs to help! Your marriage is likely to be stronger after the baby’s arrival, only if you’re both taking an equal part in all baby-related and non-baby-related chores.

5. Intimacy

It’s important to share small loving gestures like hugs or kisses. They keep romance alive, and they help you and your partner feel safer and more satisfied with the marriage. Try to find time for just you and your partner every once in a while, that is spent just having a good time with each other. Whether it’s a quiet dinner or a movie, it will help your partner realise that the relationship between the two of you extends beyond your baby and has always been very important.

6. Plans

Do you ever just take time with your partner to plan or just talk about the future? Maybe you’re planning to move to a new neighbourhood, or get a safer car, or simply want to decide on your delivery and the homecoming process. Making plans with each other help you see a future together. It gives you both hope for a long married life together.

Watch out for these small signs in your marriage. Be sure to communicate with each other, as it is at the heart of every relationship. Marriage and bonding takes time and effort from both sides.

A baby may help strengthen your marriage, but it cannot be the only factor. It finally depends on the two of you, to collectively be a safe, close-knit tie that can nurture and love the baby together.

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