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6 Signs That You Are a Mom Magician

Signs you are a magicians musician

Once you become a mother, you automatically learn to train yourself for the master the role of being a mother and bringing your child up in the best form. Being a mother can be very difficult and being the best one is all the more difficult. It takes years of practice to mould yourself into being the perfect mother for your child. Your children adore you – a thing which is your biggest encouragement to be better. These are a few signs that you are a magician as a mother:

1. Courtesy


Your child’s upbringing is put to the test when you have guests over. How your child behaves around guests is a direct implication of whether you are a good mom or not. When your child is courteous in terms of using ‘please’ and ‘sorry’ around other people or children, you know you are doing a good job at parenting.

2. Big smiles

Big smiles

A happy child is a sign that you are doing a great job at parenting. When your child smiles all the time, it means that they are happy in the environment they are being brought up. Continue as you are doing and don't forget to give yourself all the credit for this. When your child is happy, you are automatically in a good mood and vice-versa.

3. Sharing


Teaching your child about sharing is one of the most difficult tasks as a mother. It is a long and tedious process that needs you to give your child the complete attention they need. You need to specify that sharing is not only confined to the four walls of the house, but also with other children that they mingle with. Encourage sharing in every small way and practice it. This will go a long way in the upbringing of your child.

4. Their needs before yours

Their needs before yours

As a mother you will have to trade your needs for theirs and be selfless. Making sure your child has eaten before you have or that they have had a good nap even though you deserve it more - are all a part of good parenting. Ensure that you do not forget to give yourself a break by handing over the reins to your husband in order to regain your sanity. It isn't wrong to want a break because it only helps you become a better mom.

5. Friend/Mother


When your child chooses to tell you about their day, you know you are both their mother and friend. This is one of the greatest joys of being a mother. Yet, it might not last for as long as you expect it to. So, enjoy it as long as it does. Do not force them to tell you anything they do not want you to know. Smile at every little detail they share with you, encouraging them with advice which will make them chose to come back to you.

6. Disdain comparing

Disdain comparing

As a mother it is important for you to avoid comparing your child with another. Children pick up on these and feel extremely shallow about themselves. If you are one of those mothers who encourage children and avoid any form of comparison, you have already topped the charts. Children need a lot of encouragement from you as they grow up because it moulds them into the adults they become. Be patient and kind, you are doing a great job! 

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