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Many times painful and rhythmic contractions during pregnancy can make you feel like a mad dash at the hospital. You feel a contraction and get befooled by the thought that finally, it’s time to throw your baby out of your belly. Is it the real arrival time for your baby or your body is just teasing you? If you’re close to your due date then fleeting cramps and contractions can make you wonder: Is this it? Thankfully, there are many signs and symptoms that will give you solid cues on whether to grab your delivery bag and rush back to the hospital or not. Here are the six common symptoms of false labour that will clear your mind that your baby is still on the way!

Discomfort is not labour

You might experience general pain and discomfort as you come close to the point of your delivery but this isn’t an alarm to rush to the delivery room. Braxton Hicks contractions might hurt in a specific way during your pregnancy phase but it doesn’t mean it’s baby time. Discomfort is just a part of the changes your body is going through. It never means that you’re ready to deliver your baby. Hold your horses for some time and try to figure out these unreal symptoms before making a final call that yah the delivery time has arrived!

Change position and your contraction slows down

What is the easiest way to know if you’re experiencing real labour or not? Move while having contractions and it’ll slow down to a halt. Changing position while having such painful cramps might not be easy but it’s an effective way to recede your pain and realize that it’s a false alarm. Try to look for a different position when Braxton Hicks strike you and this will help you find out that your labour isn’t imminent.

Membranes intact: It's not Baby Time!

Water breaking is one of the most common signs to believe that your delivery time has finally arrived. However, if your membranes are still intact you don’t need to worry that your real labour has begun. Your baby lives in an amniotic sac filled with fluid during the pregnancy phase and when the labour starts, membrane sac rupture is a definite signal that labour is trying to start. However sometimes if other symptoms are very prominent you don’t need to wait for this sign to believe that the real thing is underway.

Braxton Hicks feel like a tightening

Contraction pain and discomfort can be a messy affair. Even general tightening can make you feel that it’s time to take the baby out of your outtie. Real pregnancy contractions start from the mom’s back and travel to the front of the abdomen. Unlike the tightening sensation of Braxton Hicks the real pain is quite generalized and will never follow a specific pattern. Even general tightening can be unbearable but it’s not the time for the real deal.

Contractions stay the same

Braxton Hicks last for a shorter span of time and will cause the same level of discomfort for the moms. These contractions often stay the same and don’t progress with time. It will eventually evade out after some time, unlike the real pain and discomfort which is often difficult to endure. If your contractions aren’t following a pattern and aren’t becoming difficult to endure with time, it’s likely a false alarm.

Brownish blood

Moms close to the delivery date often freak out to see the brownish stain of blood. Is the bloody show a call to head to the delivery room? Are you ready to go into labour? If you see a pinkish or blood-streaked discharge then it might be the time for the real thing to happen but if it’s brownish streak of discharge then you don’t need to be frantic. It might be an internal exam or it might have emerged as a result of having sex during the past few days. 

Never feel embarrassed to head to the hospital if you experience signs that are similar to the real one. It’s better to show up early than waiting for the last moment!

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