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6 Scenarios Where We Have ZERO Self-Control

New year, new me - right? We all intend to better ourselves this new year and for this, we have made a whole lot of new year resolutions. Whether or not we actually stick to the resolutions is a different story. But there are a few things that no matter how hard we try, we just can’t stop ourselves from doing it. No, we are not just talking about eating clean or hitting the gym every day - we are talking about the small, trivial things.

Here’s a list of scenarios where you simply can’t stop yourself:

1. Not snoozing the alarm on a cold winter morning
2. Not checking the blue ticks on a WhatsApp message
3. Not opening a package as soon as it’s delivered
4. Not eating that leftover biryani from last night
5. Not popping the bubble wrap
6. Not looking at the number of followers on Instagram


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