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MOMS are superheroes without capes

They hold your world together. They watch you grow, they watch you fall, they pick you up and they always keep you going. They will never stop nagging you but more than that they will never stop loving you. No matter where you are or what you do your mom is the one person that will stick with you through thick and thin. She may go crazy about your marks or your health but you always know it is because she loves you and won’t ever stop caring!


1. Mom’s always multitask!

a picture of a pregnant woman


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From managing how they look, to the household, to their work and always having enough time for their children, no one can do it better than them!

2. Doing things right.

Image of a Mom buying Groceries with her child


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When you go grocery shopping your mom definitely knows how to do it right!

3. Always has time for you.

Mom playing with her child

She always plays with you no matter how tired she is or helps you with your homework even if she has no clue what it’s about. You know she’s there for you!

4. You’re always FIRST.

Mom taking her kid to school in the rain holding her hand


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Moms will always put your needs ahead of hers! She’s pretty amazing that way!


Mom giving advice to her kid


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She always gives the best advice. You can’t deny it and when you don’t listen to her she’s there to tell you she told you so or maybe not.

6. She’s your role model. She’s your Super Hero.

Image of a superhero Mom


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Not all superheroes wear capes, definitely not MOM. There’s no one you’d rather be.

Well here’s just a few reason why mothers are so precious. They will always hold that special place in your heart. No one can replace her. Show her how much you love her. Show her that you appreciate her. This article is for all the mom’s out there. Know that no ones love can compare to a mother’s.

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