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6 Purees For 6 To 12 Month Old Babies

Babies start producing enzymes that help digest solid food in their third or fourth month. This enzyme production, however, becomes fully developed only when they are six months old. So, it is best to start giving them purees only after this.

Read on to find out which purees to start feeding your baby.

 1. Mashed fruit

The first solid puree for your baby should be a single mashed fruit. If they are allergic to any fruit, make note of this. Mashed fruits are easier to digest, as they contain digestive enzymes. You can continue to feed them mashed fruit puree for a week before giving them something more complex. After your baby turns 8 months old, you can start feeding them raw cut fruit as well – the ones that do not cause any reactions in them.

 2. Kanji

After the first week of solid food, you can start giving them kanji. Kanji is very simple to prepare – you just need to boil rice in a water and mash the rice properly. Let it cool down to a comfortable temperature before you feed your baby. Discontinue if your baby has any allergic reaction to it.

 3. Vegetable

Vegetables cooked till they are soft can be made into a puree. Wait for it to cool down. Again, as with the fruit, give them only one vegetable puree at a time. If they are allergic to any vegetable, make note of it. When your baby is 8 months old, you can start feeding them the soft cooked and cut vegetables without mashing them, as long as your baby is not allergic to them.


4. Grains and pulses

Slow cook any one grain or pulse in water and mash it up. Once it is cool enough, feed it to your baby and check whether he/she has any reaction to it. When he turns 7 months old, you can add either a mashed fruit or vegetable to this, as long as he/she is not allergic to any of them.

 5. Protein

Protein can be consumed in the form of meat or tofu. Meat should be cooked thoroughly till it becomes soft and tender. It should then be made into a paste before being fed to your baby. It can be given at as early as 6 months to your baby, as it also acts as a good source of iron. You should consult your paediatrician before you start feeding meat to your baby. You can also feed some spinach puree as a vegetarian option.

 6. Dairy

You can start serving whole milk yogurt to your baby when he/she turns 8 months. Some paediatricians may ask you to start as early as 6 months. At 8 months, you can combine the yogurt with any fruit mash. You can even feed soft and mild cheese to your babies.

Hope this gave you ideas on what kind of purees you could give your baby and how to train your baby to eventually start consuming proper solid food. Share this with all the new moms you know!

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