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6 Pregnancy Stories Sure to Make You Smile

Pregnancy is a time in life that is filled with doubts, questions, and queries. You are always reading pregnancy books and articles, stories of other pregnant ladies, and more such stuff. Although it helps, sometimes some negative and sad experiences may cause you worry and even depression. However, pregnancy is a beautiful experience and we bring you some happy stories that are sure to put a smile on your face.

1. Vanessa, from California, writes that she tried very hard to conceive for 3 years but the luck was not on her side. Finally, she decided to focus on her career and let the fate handle things for her. She lost 38 pounds in two months forgot everything about her trying to conceive, when suddenly she got pregnant. She says, “Something told me this test was going to be different than the hundred others. Something did not feel the same and got my big fat positive in May.” Her doctor was baffled and told her that either her cycle was too late or too early and that everything does not add up but she is pregnant and that was enough of a reason for her. She says that she had been nervous from the day she found out and every time she went to the restroom she was afraid that there will be blood or she would have a miscarriage. But she is 13 weeks pregnant now and feels great. “Everything is a blessing” as she likes to say it.

2. Another woman on the internet shared a funny incident with her husband. She caught her husband trying on her belly band. Her husband told her that he would strap a watermelon to himself for a little while to experience a fraction of what she was going through. Upon listening to this, she told her husband that she is going to poison his food so that he gets to experience her morning sickness and then kick him in the genitals if he wanted to feel more. That poor guy did not strap that watermelon after that.

3. Amber Miller of Illinois was 39 weeks pregnant when, with the permission from her doctor, she took a part in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. She had planned on running the first half of the race and walking the second half, covering the total distance of 26.2 miles. Her contractions started during the second half of the race. She finished the marathon and after having something to eat, she was headed to the hospital where she gave birth to a baby daughter.

4. A woman named Kris shared her experience of listening to her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. She says that it was an amazing thing to hear and that she can not wipe the smile off her face. She is happy to be pregnant and healthy. She writes that she too, like every other pregnant woman, was worried but a friend made her realize that if she is too busy being worried she will miss out all the fun and enjoyment of being pregnant. She tells everyone to love every minute of this time as it will go by really quickly.

5. Michelle shares her pregnancy story on a forum on the internet. The first time she got pregnant was when she was only 18 and starting to go to college. She was not sure how it was going to affect and change her life but it sure did. She found out about her pregnancy in March and her baby was due in August. Her beautiful baby girl arrived in this world on 4th August 2007. She recalls, “It was the most magical, amazing, surreal moment of my life.” The birth of her daughter changed everything for her and the little girl is her whole world now.

6. Avalon on the internet tells us that her firstborn was not a planned pregnancy. She was on pills but still got pregnant. Lucky for her, the father of the child and she had already decided to spend their lives together. So, they got married when she was 4 months pregnant and got a house, and made sure that they were ready to be parents by the time their little girl was born. She was worried that because she had been on pills, it might hurt her baby in the early stages. But all was well and her girl is 19 months old now and very healthy and happy.

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