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When you get your first positive test for pregnancy, you get the most wonderful feeling ever. There are some anxieties and worries though like morning sickness, nausea, heartburn, fatigue, back pain and swollen feet.

Yet, almost nothing can compare to the absolute joy of the first kick, heartbeat or ultrasound. Or when you just indulge in those food cravings, keep fit by exercising, eat the right things for nutrition and manage a healthy weight. Moreover, these 9 months are the time for you to be getting ready for your babies arrival in the most perfect way possible!

Leg cramps are one the few struggles that women commonly face during pregnancy. They are a serious form of absolute pain women feel in their legs due to several reasons. 

The usual reason is the constant weight gain that women experience during pregnancy. In fact, the final months of pregnancy weight gain are the worst times - creating the most painful cramps. Sometimes, leg cramps occur due to the several physical changes that occur during pregnancy. The process of forming lactic and pyruvic acids when you are pregnant leads to an involuntary muscle contraction in your legs.

The following 6 remedies will help give you some quick relief till you deliver and can be rid of all your leg cramp problems!

1. Keep those feet up!


When you are nearing the end of your day, keeping your feet up or elevated is most important and effective. Many times, standing for too long during the day increases abnormal blood circulation. This can make your pregnancy leg cramps very painful.

Along with the elevation, things like a heat pack or compression socks will help reduce the reduce sensitivity and swelling even more.

2. Footwear


A proper pair of shoes will you keep not only a good balance during pregnancy but also ensure that you get the right support. This will help decrease any leg cramp pain you may be facing due to the wrong type of footwear.

In addition, at such a time of sensitivity - try keeping your activity reduced till your cramps have gone away completely. Examples include: small as well as walks, pacing, prenatal massages, swimming, gentle leg stretches and yoga. These are even more effective right before you are done for the day or before sleeping.

3. Eating too much salt?


Does your pregnancy diet include a lot of salt? This will obviously end up inducing too much water re-absorption and lead to painful swelling in your legs. Thus, you should try avoided too much salt in your diet - keeping yourself well hydrated at the same time.

4. Yum yum supplements


Eating as healthy as possible is another remedy that can easily help decrease the cramp pains in your leg. This is because your cramps may be occuring due to missed out essential pregnancy nutrients in your body.

Food rich in potassium (like bananas) and magnesium (like chickpeas, salmon or avocado) help strengthen your leg muscles and reduce the pain of the cramps. These foods also help avoid too much of your weight gain - ensuring a more easy pain management and a later more smooth delivery

Just remember, a consultation with a professional or your doctor is important to ensure a safe usage of these supplements in your pregnancy diet.

5. Soft warnings!


A bolster or big pillow has helped a lot of mommies-to-be to prevent over-stretching their leg or toes. Simple tasks like untucking the blanket right from the end of the bed before sleeping - along with the pillow ‘warnings’ - will help you relieve your leg cramps easily.

6. Do not worry!


All of these cramp problems reduce and sometimes even go away after delivery. If you have these tips and use these remedies - they will surely give you that quick relief during a stressful time like pregnancy. In fact, some studies have given proof that anxiety over pain and swelling creates even a worse kind of outcome. This most definitely applies to your pregnancy leg cramp because your psychology can help a lot with decreasing the cramp pains.

Make sure your partner is aware of your attempts to relieve your cramps so that they might help you out sometimes. Know that there is a time in the future that you will be soon pain-free!

Do you have any emotional pregnancy leg cramp stories to share? Or do you know of another remedy that mommies-to-be REALLY need to try out? Comment and share with each ladies! 

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