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6 Plants That Purify The Air In Your House

It’s not just the air outdoors that is polluted. In fact, according to environmental protection agency, the air in our homes can be 10 times more polluted than the outdoors! Various chemicals and smokes that are emitted by everyday activities in our homes get trapped inside and makes the air quality bad. A few plants, however, can help purify the air you and your family are breathing.

1. Spider plants

Spider plants are for all those people who tend to forget to water the plants on a daily basis. They are easy to maintain and need bright, indirect sunlight. They give flowers which later turn into baby spider plants. The toxins removed by these plants are formaldehyde and xylene.

2. Peace lily

These plants not only purify the air but the flowers give a nice pop of colour to any room. Peace lilies must be kept in the dark corners of the room and the soil must be moist. Ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene are few of the pollutants that peace lilies eliminate from the indoor air.

3. Rubber plants

Rubber plants are a classic and are easily available in India. Because they are very aesthetically pleasing, these plants can be placed in the living rooms and offices. With just a little bit of care, they effectively remove formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, trichloroethylene and more. But beware, if you have a pet at home avoid this plant as it is poisonous.

4. Aloe vera 

By now you must have heard of the numerous benefits of aloe vera. Right from their healing properties to how they make your hair stronger and skin clearer, it can practically do anything including purifying the air inside your house. Formaldehyde that is present in the air is easily removed by aloe vera plants and the best part is that they require very less tending to.

5. Snake plant

Snake plant a.k.a mother-in-law’s tongue is one of the most recommended plants for air purification because it is not easy to maintain but it also converts CO2 into oxygen at night. This property makes snake plant a great addition to any bedroom.

6. Dracaena

Dracaena plants come in almost 40 different varieties from long and wide ones to short, thick ones. You can take a pick of whatever suits your needs and household best. Common contaminants that are eliminated by Dracaena plants include formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, benzene and trichloroethylene. 

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